This was the scene at the end of the high school state championship game this past weekend between Arlington Martin high school and Keller high school. The police were called to actually break up the fight. Keller High School defeated Arlington Martin, 9-3, to win the Texas State Championship.

The Ellis County Observer Reported the following:

These mongrels were raised to do things like this. I cannot fathom seeing how parents would allow their gunpowder-fed boys engaging in this level of sick “sport.” The professionals in the NHL are a bit dumb, too, because…they fight simply for ratings. It’s stupid.
But on the Texas high school hockey level, this is beyond belief. If I walked down from the stands and clocked the hockey coach, that would be a felony. This happens? And it’s “sport.”

via Ellis County Observer

  • Jim c

    Hope the kid who was blind sided and hit the ice was ok……

  • Jeff P

    What do you expect? It’s TEXAS. Just be glad that one of the parents didn’t go out and get a gun out of the rack in the back of their pickup truck cab (with the Confederate flag) and come back in shooting!

  • waddywoos

    I’m sorry, but the wirter for that news outlet is obviously not qualifies to write about hockey. If they think that the NHL player fight only for ratings then they are severely mistaken. That this article isn’t ridiculing the writer is unbelievable.

    NHL teams employ fighters to enforce a code of conduct and keep more skilled players safe on the ice. Hockey is a dangerous sport and it is quite easy to play within the rules and still end people’s careers. The threat of a flurry of punches in the face holds players that are that way inclined back from commiting such dastardly attacks, and keeps the game clean.

    Fighting in junior levels of hockey is not allowed, and of course the guy that makes the blindside hit in the video should be suspended etc. But the reaction of calling the cops, and the writer’s comments are far far far over the top and are exactly what is wrong with our society. Everyone wants to wrap people up in cotton wool. This is a MAN’s sport and you play it in a MANLY way or you go home. People get hurt, so you suck it up and carry on.

    • Man I can just smell the testosterone on your breath. Grow up Mr. Manly!!!!#$#@%$&*&!!!

  • This is nothing but cheap shots from the mentally challanged. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to degrade the mentally challanged like that, they are a lot smarter than any of these future “CONVICTS.”

  • pklNHL

    Who wrote that shitty paper?
    @waddywoos,I thank you for your comment,you are 100% correct my friend!

    I would be ashamed to write a paper like this,at first,I really thought it was sarcasm.
    That guy should stick to golf or mini-putt(mini-golf)!!!

    And @Tom Fitzgerald…”future CONVICTS…”LOLLL
    and let the hockey for the criminals…you seem to be mentally challenged!Just my opinion.

    Ahhhhh…..the internet…..stupid ppl magnet