The odds are not in favor of being pure divine intervention, however the ice being “off” is most likely a pretty good explanation. Late in the first period last night Calgary’s Jarome Iginla took a hard shot from the left side during a power power play. The puck went through King’s goalie Jonathan Quick’s legs, but all of a sudden took an unexpected veer away from the net.

Kings coach Terry Murray was quoted after the game as saying: “I know (Jarome) Iginla had a one-timer that was as good a save that maybe I’ve seen all year long,”

What do you think? Watch the video very carefully to see the puck take a last second turn.

  • Tom, Long Beach, California

    it hit the goalie’s skate…..no miracle

    • dominator

      What are you on it was no where near his skate when it changes direction. After playing it back numerous times I think that Quick had nothing to do with it (well maybe inadvertently). It appears to catch a rut in the ice perfectly with the edge of the puck and thats when it changes direction.

  • gritzky

    umm yo bro.. the puck wasnt even on the ice yet duuuuude.. look at the vidio and u can toooootally tell bro the puck hit the pads and was still spinnin in midair and once it hit the ice it just went one direction.. and besides theres only one type of intervention and trust me it aint fun ill tell u that for sure.. well peace out yo im gonna roll another one up, i suggest the riter of this story should chillax and watch this replay in slo mo while gettin lit wit a doobie.. u need to adjust to ur environment bro

  • thediplomat

    totally bro

  • tiecoon

    you can clearly hear the puck hitting the pad of the golie. that should at least give a good explanation on how it would affect the direction of the puck. nothing extra ordinary about this, just all hype. nice try.