Aaron Brooks took one for the team by testing out the above theory. He received a technical foul, and most recently suspended for a game, for throwing the ball at an official during the Phoenix Suns March 18 game versus the Golden State Warriors. The below video shows Aaron inexplicably chucking the ball at the ref following a play in which he felt a foul should have been called.

The league announced the suspension in a release today:

Brooks has been suspended one game without pay for throwing a ball at an official and striking him in the leg. The incident occurred with 7:46 remaining in the fourth period of the Suns’ 108-97 victory over the Golden State Warriors at the US Airways Center in Phoenix.

  • cc sabathia

    If he felt a foul should’ve been called, then it’s not really inexplicable, is it? Inexcusable maybe?

  • refs suck in basketball the most

    The ref deserved it. I only wish some college players would do the same and god forbid the coaches show some freaking emotion when the ref decides to take the game over like they did in the second OT of the Temple game. 4 fouls in a row on Temple. Guess what ESPN didnt show in the highlights. Poor kids got robbed!

  • dru

    NBA players are the biggest pukes

    nobody cares about where you go Melo

    despite your jukes

    can’t play hurt, the NBA’s heart is yellow

    it’s the guaranteed contracts

    that makes it suck ass


    curse unto thee