America’s teachers are getting cut right and left due to budget cuts. Last week the Arcadia Unified School District sent home pink slips to some of it’s teachers and Camino Grove Elementary 5th grader Jocelyn Lam said “enough”. The young lady cracked open her piggy bank, emptied out her scrill and did all she could to save her beloved teachers. Lam took all of the bills, totaling $300 that she had saved over the years for good grades and doing chores and gave it to her teacher last week. She also included an handwritten letter to the superintendent:

“I really hope this $300 will help save the teachers that are about to be laid off. I also hope this is enough to save more than one teacher.”

Jocelyn’s $300 spurred her entire town into action and the community has raised an additional $20,000 to help save their teachers. Jocelyn said she going to keep doing chores and keep saving her money so that she can help save more teacher’s jobs. Next time, your kid wants to use their allowance to buy candy or video games, show them a picture of Jocelyn Lam and tell them to step their game up.

(via Good)