Welcome to the 4th edition of “Apps You’ve Never Heard Of But Are Awesome.” Last week we got slammed with a trademark infringement letter after my last post. I won’t mention the name of the company because they insist I give them notice before I use their name. Unfortunately for them they will not be getting any CS publicity because I have no interest in asking for their permission. Have you come across an app that you feel doesn’t get enough love? Leave a favorite in the comments section or by submitting feedback. Let’s go.

Scratch Me – [Download] – iPhone

I like getting my back scratched and so does that girl (I think it’s a girl) in Scratch Me. The game is simple. Scratch (tap) the topless back until you see a heart explosion on the screen. The heart explosions means you’ve hit the desired spot. It’s a race against the clock to see how many sweet spots you can hit before time runs out. Download.

Scratch Me iPhone App 1 Scratch Me iPhone App 2 Scratch Me iPhone App 3


Glow App – [Download] – iPhone 4

Glow App is only for iPhone 4. Glow App is the only app that can receive, decode, and show morse code signals as readable text. You can also send morse code with the app and control the transmission speed. Getting started is easy, just go through the camera calibration process. Before long you’ll be sending morse code signals to the millions of people that don’t have a clue how to read morse code. Download.

Glow App iPhone App 1 Glow App iPhone App 2 Glow App iPhone App 3


Mail Her Up – [Download] – iPhone

Did you do something wrong (in her eyes) and need to make amends? Don’t waste your time trying to be original; use Mail Her Up to assist you. Mail Her Up will walk you through a series of steps to create a nice gesture on your part so you can get out of the doghouse. Mail Her Up lets you add your own photos so you can customize your apologies so they don’t all look alike. Download.

Mail Her Up iPhone App 1 Mail Her Up iPhone App 2 Mail Her Up iPhone App 3


Charlie Sheen Audio – [Download] – iPhone/iPad

Are you sick of everyone imitating Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” and other recent quotes? Me too. With Charlie Sheen Audio you can hear them straight from the source, Charlie Sheen. This soundboard features many of Charlie’s quips that you can blast whenever you feel like it. Download.

Charlie Sheen Audio iPhone App

Stay tuned for next week! In the meantime, check out my previous app reviews.