“Cartering” is defined as “the opposite of Reaganing”.   When you ae Reaganing, you make no mistakes in a 24 hour priod.  When you’re Cartering, you make a load of them.  That’s how today panned out.

I awoke this morning much like I wake up any other day – in bed with a strange man.  I hopped up, adjusted my junk, and took a toke off the ol’ Captain Morgan bottle.  Today was the first full day we were in Phoenix and, subsequently, the first day we were going to the ballpark.  The Diplomat and Kendrick (the CS Legal Counsel) discovered that their grandmother was in town with a variety of aunts and uncles.  The plan was to surprise Grandma…and that’s when the Cartering began.

We met Kendrick up the road and enjoyed a breakfast of chorizo burritos (not pictured).  I wanted to get cash for the ballpark and went into this building:

As it turns out, the giant building labeled “Chase” has nary an ATM in it.  It’s only a call center.  #Cartering

Cashless, i returned to the lovely restaurant and immediately consumed my chorizo burrito.  We then flagged a cab and proceeded to Hohokam Park, the spring training home of the Chicago Cubs, to surprise Grandma and take in a game.

Slight problem – the Cubs weren’t at Hohokam today and none of us had decided to look up the schedule before we left.  A $35 cab ride later confirmed that we were, in fact, Cartering.

Another $30 took us to the spring home of the Rockies, who were playing the Royals (my first sports love):

It was a great game, in which may beers were consumed and I am unsure as to who won.  Unfortunately, I was seated next to a Cubs fan and some douchebag with his shirt off.  #Cartering

Once the game had ended, we left and decided to stop and pick up some late afternoon supplies.  Three Four Lokos, 18 Coors Lights and the pool will hopefully end our Cartering.

I’ll chime in tomorrow with another Spring Training update. Until then, drink if you’ve got ’em!