Full disclosure I’ve never had a Sun Drop soda, but now I want one.

(Thanks to Keisha A. for the link)

  • sydney whitfield

    ahhh seen it 1021938324572387234059817230857 times! i love this

    • SMH

      No life….:I

      • haha

        haha wait i love it ive probably seen it that many times too meanie):

  • LOVE IT!!!!

  • vanessa

    Too funny!!!! Lmfao

  • I love this commercial!!!! You guys did a terrific job but I think it would have been alot more hilarious if only there were more cool,geeky looking girls dancing and dropping it for the me on the beach and in the office!! I need to be in it!!!
    Love sun drop!

  • Mommi74

    This was one of the funniest commercials I have seen. Shared it with all my friends.My girls did an imitation of it!!!!! Lmfao!!!! Sun Drop It Like It’s Hot!

  • kIM

    omg I love this. this IS the best commercial ever. I 100% agree. They have Sundrop in my work vending machine, I HAD to buy it! More geeky girls would take away from her awesomness… I watch it all day long at work and yes, shared with my friends too, put it on FB.. I love it!!!!!!!!! when I am chuckling at my desk, they know what I am doing… I better be careful 🙂

  • thickness;

    – i made a immitation video of this and it is hilarious ! the first time i saw the drink i had to get it !!

  • this is so funny but the end is gay alooooooot

  • this is funny cant wate till i right my paper (drop its like hot) lol

  • lovly wirdo

    wired yet funny commercial