Daniel Tosh

At least that’s what Comedy Central and Megan Abrigo are saying. The LA Times is reporting that Comedy Central’s Tosh.O attracts more viewers than “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” In its third season and with over 4 million viewers an episode, 4 million Facebook fans, and 3.2 million monthly visitors to the Tosh.O website, the video-ripping show’s popularity is growing.

Even though the show dominates in the 18-34 age demographic, they struggle to charge the same premium advertising rates of networks such as NBC targeting a similar group of viewers. According to the LA Times, this may be due to the show’s use of “bathroom humor” and lack of “prestige.” But who really cares? At $400,000 an episode, it’s roughly a fifth to produce compared to a network sitcom.

  • jason

    Tosh.o is def a good show, but more the my other two addictive shows? You see everyone knows when Jon and Steve are every weeknight, so they can spread their viewing out, while Tosh new show is just on once, so everyone has to watch it then, or record it. Working nights at DISH network, I usually DVR everything, which isn’t that bad, but I don’t have to wait until I get home to watch anything I record, with my sling adapter I can stream my live television or my recorded DVR to my HTC, laptop or net-book, or even an iphone or ipad if I ever broke down to buy one of those.

  • jason

    The real question we should be asking is…. You couldn’t find a picture of him with a shirt on? My lord, he is one pale man… he has less pigment then the background of this webpage.