BSC 2011 - Week 9

Good morning, everyone!  Week Nine of the BSC is in the books.  It was another week which alternated between very solid gym/health days and some days that were, at best, not that great from a BSC (or BAC) standpoint.  How would The Skeeze do?  Let’s break it down:

I wanted to make a bigger impact in March than I did in February, that much was for sure.  Having March start on a Tuesday was perfect – a chance to go H.A.M. the entire month, and that’s how it all started:

Week 9 Results

As usual, Tuesday (the 1st) is left off of the view which is unfortunate because that day was the biggest on record.  Check it out:


1,011 calories in one session!  BOOM!  I was particularly proud of that day and continued into Thursday (skipping Wednesday due to the fact that I had a sore knee).  I did a quick session on Friday afternoon but forgot to take my iPod with me, so there’s no data for that.  As per usual, Friday evening got interesting.

We had scheduled a family dinner for Friday night and I was going to cook for the gang.  Our friend, who we’ll call “Raphi”, had announced that she would like to feed on lasagna.  Obviously, lasagna is not on the BSC food list but I told her I would make it because I love to cook and I haven’t made lasagna in some time.  My friend Kyle and I went to the store directly after work to get the fixings and what did they have there?  Three full shopping carts full of wine marked for clearance!  Score!  Kyle purchased some fine and fiscally responsible wine while I got the lasagna ingredients.  It was then back to the homestead to set up for the evening.  I cooked, we ate, we drank and then possibly drank a tiny bit more.  I ate a smattering of lasagna, a heap of salad and a piece or two of the garlic bread, put together by our friend DJB.  Very tasty stuff.

Saturday started out very lazy but soon turned into a gym session that was solid, as we tried to work out the food and drink from the night before.  Later that night it was off to Santa Monica to dominate a local tavern and also to a friend’s house for a party she was throwing.  Both were fun and, luckily, two miles apart.  I had my share of beverages but I think it helped when I as well as Kendrick, the CS legal counsel, decided to walk from the party to the pub.  Two miles of hoofing later it was like having another short cardio session.  More drinks for me!

Sunday morning was a trip to Bay Cities Deli for breakfast, at which point I decided against getting the Godmother (quite possibly the world’s greatest sandwich) and opted for two lemon-pepper roasted chicken breasts.  Later that night I had dinner with Kyle, our friend Wendi and the one and only GIRL BABY, pictured here because I am a proud uncle and she is THAT cute:


Monday was a typical day, consisting of morning oatmeal, lunch salad, big gym session because Tuesday makes me nervous, and a few eggs for dinner.

This morning it was weigh in day, of course, and I actually felt good about it.  I could tell I had lost weight this week but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a good start to the month or another small loss.  I awoke and, like I do every Tuesday morning, stepped onto the scale and discovered…

…I’d lost eight pounds.  EIGHT.  Not a bad way to start the month, huh?

Now…I’m going to change things up a bit here.  I had a lengthy discussion with The Diplomat and the Cosby Sweaters Legal Counsel about actually revealing my weight to you guys.  I have been avoiding it, simply because I am not proud of how bad I let things get.  I wanted to wait until the end and then tell everyone what it was when I started and what it ended up at,  They argued that it’s time to let the world know, as having data makes it so much more interesting.  I couldn’t fight that logic, as using the DigiFit and seeing the data I so proudly display here helps keep me on track, so after some deliberation I decided they were right.  That being said, here’s how it goes:

When I started this I weighed 371 pounds.  As of this morning, I weigh 327, which is a total loss of 44 pounds in 2011.  There you have it.

Here’s the goal – under 300 by my birthday (which is in early April).  I’ll do a special weigh-in that morning to see if I can make it, but that’s the short-term goal.

That about sums it up for this week.  Later this week I leave for Arizona for my annual spring training trip, during which things tend to get real.  Will I be able to keep up the good work?  Stay tuned and find out!