Chris Paul had a nasty collision with Ramon Sessions on Sunday during the New Orleans Hornets v the Cleveland Cavs. Paul’s head smashed into Ramon Sessions’ shoulder very hard while he was driving to the hoop. Paul was carted off the court on a stretcher and in a neck brace. Good news is that Chris was moving his arms and legs and gave the crowd a thumbs up as he was being carted off. According to the Times Picayune, Paul was taken to the hospital but is responsive and aware of his surroundings.

UPDATE: According to Yahoo, Chris Paul suffered a concussion, Hornets say. He’s traveling with team to Chicago, but listed as “out” for Bulls game.


via @jose3030

  • My 7th. grade daughter had a worse collision than that in a middle school game, and she continued the game. what a wuss.

    • Jarel…aka F@rl3y B0!

      yhu aint out dere playin yhu dont kno wat it feel like so yhu a wuss how would yhu in my opinion insult the best point guard in the league