This fight occured between Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs and the Allen Americans. To be completely honest I have never heard of either of these teams but the fight was pretty good. The icing on the cake though is the announcers who turned into 14 year old school girls after the knockout took place. You got to love hockey!

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  • goalie 35

    Giddy school girls? They aren’t any different than the announcers in NHL games.
    these are 2 strong teams in the CHL. That is Central Hockey League. Look it up.. Just because you don’t know about the league means to bad for you..

    Go write your snippets for good house keeping since you are to lazy to punch up google..

    If you played you’d know something.. Twit…

    • iceman

      Goalie 35 –

      Your comments are a giant pile of “wrong.”

      1. You’re actually agreeing they’re a bunch of “giddy school girls” unless you are implying that NHL announcers are not.

      2. Nowhere in the article did the author say he did not know what the CHL was.

      3. Good Housekeeping has nothing to do with sports. If you weren’t so lazy you could have “punched up” Google for that.

      4. Just because I play girls doesn’t mean I know their names…dumbass.

  • Kyle

    Goalie 35 sounds like a fat-ass loser with no friends who never made it in his own hockey career. Poor piece of shit! Hey Goalie 35, when you are wanking it tonight to pictures of Duane Lewis you should think of how you could possibly get laid in the next few years (oh yeah, punch that one into google you fat fuck)