The NHL may host their official skills challenge at All-Star weekend but Edmonton Oilers youngsters Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall apparently decided they needed to have an old-fashioned shooting contest with some creative on-ice targets.


There’s no voice-over on the video but you can clearly see them enjoying (and getting fired up during) a post-practice showdown:

I’m no hockey expert but I’m assuming given how fired up these guys were getting that what they are doing is pretty tough stuff.   Feel free to add to my hockey education in the comments by letting me know if these are easy shots.


Via The Score

  • Billy

    Nah, they are just goofing around. Not easy to nail the crossbar from center ice, but when you see them shooting at the clock, they are missing pretty bad. There are amateurs who are better trick shot artists, I’ll bet.
    Any hockey player can shoot a slap shot the width of the ice and flip the puck onto the net.
    The difference is the speed, power and agility these players have to play at the NHL level.