Yesterday Cosby Sweaters reported that #3 BYU’s star forward Brandon Davies had been dismissed from the team for the remainder of the year for breaking the school’s honor code. More details reveal that Davies breached the code by having sex with his girlfriend.

BYU’s honor code forbids students from having sex before marriage and guides them to “live a chaste and virtuous life.” Due to the breach, Davies might also be kicked out of school, not just off the basketball team. The honor code also tell students to “be honest; abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee and substance abuse; and attend church regularly.”

We hope the sex with his girlfriend was GREAT, because BYU certainly takes a hit without Davies in the line up during tournament time. BYU is already struggling without their starting forward, getting smacked by unranked New Mexico tonight, 82-62.

(via The Salt Lake Tribune)

UPDATE: , Picture of Brandon Davies girlfriendDanica Mendivil, a freshman volleyball player at Arizona State has been revealed as the young lady that Brandon “broke code” with:

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