Yesterday Cosby Sweaters reported that #3 BYU’s star forward Brandon Davies had been dismissed from the team for the remainder of the year for breaking the school’s honor code. More details reveal that Davies breached the code by having sex with his girlfriend.

BYU’s honor code forbids students from having sex before marriage and guides them to “live a chaste and virtuous life.” Due to the breach, Davies might also be kicked out of school, not just off the basketball team. The honor code also tell students to “be honest; abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee and substance abuse; and attend church regularly.”

We hope the sex with his girlfriend was GREAT, because BYU certainly takes a hit without Davies in the line up during tournament time. BYU is already struggling without their starting forward, getting smacked by unranked New Mexico tonight, 82-62.

(via The Salt Lake Tribune)

UPDATE: , Picture of Brandon Davies girlfriendDanica Mendivil, a freshman volleyball player at Arizona State has been revealed as the young lady that Brandon “broke code” with:

(via Ted Williams Head)

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  • Thomas

    Are you serious?? This is why they kicked him off?

    BYU deserves to lose the rest of their games.

    Looking forward to Fredette being a Sun tho…

    • ron

      BYU did the right thing, rules are rules. Just because he is a star player does not make it right. He should leave the school or be sent home to set the example. If you can’t play by the rules–go to another school. I get so tired of reading stories about people who get caught doing something wrong and then cry to be forgiven. Tiger Woods/Michael Vick are examples. I hope BYU stands by their decision.

      • edward c. stengel

        You’re right. Danny Ainge said the same thing. If you don’t like the rules, don’t go there, and if take an oath to abide by the rules, then expect to get kicked out if you break your word. I’d never go there because I know I couldn’t keep my word.

      • Fred

        your so wrong

  • brazil

    wow. How irresponsible was it for Cosby sweaters to have made this public. Same for BYU. They’ve probably ruined that girls life and didn’t do any favors for Davies either. BYU and Cosby should be ashamed.

    • nsjdpt

      BYU did not make this public! All BYU officially reported to the media was that Davies had been suspended from the basketball team because he broke the honor code. BYU did NOT report how he broke the honor code. From what I understand, Davies himself was the one that let it known to his teammates and the media what he had done to warrant the suspension. I don’t know how the media got the information about his girlfriend, but again the school (BYU) did not give out that information.

  • Gary

    Thank goodness someone in college sports has the guts to do the right thing. If Ohio State or Auburn had that kind of courage it would be great for college athletics.

  • Carl

    She is liable to sue them for defamation of character. It doesn’t matter if she had sex with him or not. She is not a political figure — both organizations can be held liable for releasing defaming information about her.

    • Kieran

      for your information she cant sue the school for defamation of character as the school never mentions her name in any of its statements. The school would of never asked Davies for her name and the same goes for the church but if her name is mentioned it is never given out to the public domain like the media. If it does its breaking its own rules regarding personal information that it may have. In fact not many people in the world have access to it. So carl she can only really sue the media for looking for her and putting her name all over the press and for posting her pictures up with this story.

      • Dylan

        It is not defamation if it is true. O.o You can trash talk all you want, get someone fired, divorced , ect. If what you are saying is true.

    • Craig, Austin, TX

      FYI, you can’t sue someone because they told the truth.

      • Jay

        Craig, you certainly can sue because they told the truth. This is America where you are free to bring a lawsuit against someone for telling the truth; the chances of winning the case is another story.

        • bapassey

          Sure you can try to sue, but again school never mentions the name. The case wouldn’t even make it to court. People, learn some law.

        • JT.,

          How did they find out?do we have pictures?great way to go Brandon!!

    • riderone

      Is this defaming? I don’t think so. The kids knew the rules..they broke they are out. Hey, I think it’s a good rule. More schools should implement it. Don’t go if you “gotta get your grove on” while registered.

      The dummy from the NBA should shut up. That league’s reputation for out-of-wed-lock baby making is world reknown!!!!!!!!!!

      • Props2000

        Like nobody that posted here has ever had sex before marrigage but now you want to point fingers at the youngsters and try to act as though you have morals. You can bet those clowns that make the rules were having pre-marital sex. Hipocracy as usual in America. They really got on him because of who she is probably. This is America land of ‘do what I say and not what I do”.

    • Alyce

      Her name defamed….I guess if that would have been an issue to begin with she and he would not have done this to begin with. If you can not take the heat then you should not get into the fire. He knew what the rules were even if she did not.

  • Steve

    You all miss the point. It is not about sex – it is about keeping a promise. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say. He made a deal and then you all get upset because when he broke the terms of the deal the other side stood up and did what the deal called for.

    Perhaps BYU is out now – but the truth is they stood their ground. As for this nice girl – pull the picture. Losers.

    • looseleaf

      so kick him off a team just beacause a promise ??? BYU needs to lose all games period.

      • tjc

        a promise is a promise idiot………… want the definition!?

        • Lori

          Promises are to be broken. Who is the idiot now.

          • kgt

            Hey lori read the definiation of a promise – people like you are the problem with society today

    • RVgrandpa

      Could it be that he isn’t white and she is means something? You know how those mormons are.

  • Stella

    I heard she’s pregnant.

    • terri

      Your just adding fuel to the flame. This is how gossip get spread!!

    • bapassey

      How would you know. If he just had sex this weekend the tests wouldn’t be conclusive this early. This is pure gossip and uncalled for.

  • JonB

    The Salt Lake Tribune article notes “On Wednesday afternoon, the school confirmed that Davies’ dismissal was not due to anything criminal in nature, but would not acknowledge the specific portion of the honor code he violated, per school policy.”

    So it wasn’t BYU who told people the reason for his disqualification.

  • Lois Marquart

    Funny they should disciplilne this student for this behavior when the founders of BYU practiced polygamy.

    • bair

      real talk!!

      • no black girls at BYU

    • Fred Thomas

      If he were married to her then it wouldn’t have been an issue. I’m not Morman nor would I have been able to follow a number of BYUs rules personally. On the other hand, I didn’t sign up for or go to BYU.

      If you sign up for this school you know the rules. Period! I wouldn’t but he did. If you don’t like it then don’t go. Simple.

    • Thai

      Owow, talking about the “past” and there is black girls in BYU… What’s done is done, he should have honored the code.

      End of Story

  • Brent


    Please provide a link where BYU released the info about WHY he was dismissed from the team. Thanks in advance.

    (There isn’t a link but thanks for playing).

  • Kieran

    yeah it sucks that they cut Davies from the team, but he knew the code that BYU holds ALL students and employers to. he broke it and knew he would be cut from the team and possibly school. another fact too, the school never mentioned Davies girlfriend and its the media who went looking for a for her. So it wasnt really the school who has done this to her directly but more so the media who loves nothing more than juicy stories like this to sell more papers or to get more hits on their websites. But lets be honest, lets hope she was that good for Davies to get kicked off the team.

  • An American infidel

    Morman code of ethics, get married first, then have sex with all your wives. Maybe a couple of your daughters too..

    • random reader

      This was the best comment i read so far… bhahahhahahaha..

    • Thai

      T_T Straight face

    • AZ BlueMan

      If you are actually naive and hillbilly enough to believe this then you are probably having sex with your daughters.

    • Diva1

      now that is real talk right there! don’t have marital sex…get married then pick as many wives as you like and bang them all! smh!!!

    • Orem JMoney

      You are an idiot. Making fun of people and something you know nothing about, and then following that up with a comment advocating incest. I hope you are never able to procreate.

  • ane

    @Kieran – pathetic response last line.

  • Dreamer

    Its biology folks. Young women and men are fertile and read to go by the time they are in college. The kid simply acted in the way his body is biologically hard wired to. The ‘honor code’ goes directly against DNA genetic code. Its nature vs. ‘honor code’, and mother nature won out. So we punish the kid for using his body the way nature intended it? Give me a break

    • Stephe Sparrow

      Congratulations, you just hit on exactly the reason for the honor code. We are here on earth to better ourselves; to put off the natural man and develop Christlike attributes. The more worldly behavior we put off, the closer to Christ we become. Try it for a week. You’ll be surprised how good it will make you feel.

      • Bryan

        Frustrated, repressed, depressed, suicidal, addicted to Prozac and ice cream! As you get fatter and fatter and more miserable!!!! Fortunately God creates good and that includes our bodies and our sexuality. Try experiencing Tantra!!! You’ll be surprised how good it will make YOU feel!!

        • CousinTony

          NO NO NO! You don’t have to be depressed, etc. Just figure out a way to have power over others. It’s another, more mormonically acceptable form of genetically hardwired expression for human kind. Or you could do like Brigham Young and his buddies and murder people.

      • what

        Wow…. do you also belive the world is only 5000 years old

    • Whoa,you sound like a rapist.

  • TDMS

    I am all for consequences for our actions and as a Christian, I agree with no sex before marriage; however, I seriously doubt that he’s the only one on the team that is having sex. He’s likely the only one who admitted it…giving the BYU and Mormon background on several levels their actions are at least biased and hypocritical. If everyone’s being honest, you likely lose half of the team, some coaches, and most of the administration.

    You without sin…cast the first stone!

    • Supersport19

      Cast the first stone? You just cast a bunch of stones at the rest of the basketball team and you have no idea that half the team is having sex. They are not or they too would be off the team. Would it suprise you that 20,000 students at BYU are not having premarital sex…. so you judge them because you couldn’t keep an honor code. Maybe some young people have higher moral standards than you.
      I don’t know what you are referring to as BYU and Mormon background on several levels. If you are talking about poligamy…. members of the church haven’t practiced poligamy for over 100 years. Anybody who is a member of the church and does pratice poligamy is excommunicated from the church. You must be getting your information from “Big Love” which is not about Mormons… it about poligamist who are not members of the Mormon church.

  • jo jo

    Hey, don’t we have enough bastard black kids running around alread?

    • maria

      hey F—–YOU JO JO you bastard.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bodysnatcher

      Funny, that’s what your mother asked me before we…(have a nice day,son)

    • RLTerrell

      Would that be about the same or more than the number of white bastard kids running around already?

  • fishin4funthenrelease

    More religious fundamentalism rearing its ugly head. These were consenting adults. Isn’t this type of thinking what we’re fighting against in Afghanistan?

  • Anthony Anglerau

    morman that had all these wives. i was a mormon at one time. the man look down on woman. There look at porn. it is the most full of shit religious. i guess that god only talks to white leaders in there church.

    • learn how to spell before insulting others PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • justin

    he got caught, that’s it, when are they going to bring the race card into affect? You just know that is coming.

  • Mike

    I love it when the religious freaks do all this stupid stuff. Like they weren’t doing the same thing at that age. Just shows the hypocrisy of the so called “good church folks” God wills it…lol..

  • Vlad

    Davies knew the rules and agreed to them before he ever set foot on BYU’s basketball court.

  • thetrendmyfrenz

    I’m curious how they fond out about it. Did they catch him in the act? Was this a random question to him and he admitted? if he did he stewpit…..

  • Stu

    Brandon Davies will not be hurt by this. Reagan, Bush the 1st and Clinton all had white house mistresses and see where they got. This is his GF. Lots of schools will welcome Brandon’s talent and his honesty about his policy violation will far exceed the honesty of the typical NCAA player. Some school will be SO HAPPY to have his talent and character.
    Feel sorry for the woman; media (and people like us) do not leave her alone. BYU seems to have followed its (albeit outdated) guidelines and acted consistently and probably not racistly. If one is truly offended by their rules, gotta hit ’em some other way than on a blog.

  • Jimbob

    He was suspended because she was WHITE !!!!!!!

    • joyce

      Not that she is seems like most black atheletes prefer that. I am glad they did suspend him for being so stupid. They would rather risk their future for the “white bunny”.

      • diva1

        not nice,,,you did not say “white bunny” lol

  • Titans4Lyfe

    ByWho, the Moron Cult and the State of Moron (aka Utah) are a joke and a bunch of hypocrites. I went to school with a bunch of “jack Morons” who spent every single weekend partying, drinking, smoking AND having sex in their teens and still betting admitted to one of the then two BYWho campuses.
    I guess what happens behind your parents backs, stays behind your parents backs. The Morons AREN’T saints, but you can say that about ANY college/ university of religious affiliation. Just look at the University of Stupid Criminals as your paradigm of hope

    • Well they persecuted jesus and said bad things about him too. Boy,satan is a hater!!!!!

    • Thai

      Hello sir, would kindly please…SHUT UP!!!

  • while the school may have the right to enforce the code, why do only the high profile minority athletes get the boot?

    check out my article on

    • Bryan

      Pretty sad that all have to suffer from one man’s confession, the Team, the Girlfriend, The fans….. Really, who is perfect in the flesh anyway? Most don’t tell the truth even if they do break a rule and never get penalized. Why does BYU try to play God an be so harsh? Why couldn’t the punishment have been less harsh and kept in silence? Obviously BYU thrives on making statements to be “Perfect” even at the expense of all involved to try and shine above all other schools. Confession is enough and forgiveness is just as important. My heart goes out to all involved. A great year down the tubes for a great team. You deserved to be there as your team but politics ruined your chance. I hope Davies plays for a University next year that treats its students like grown adults and put’s the interest of ALL involved ahead of it’s own interest! Same for his girlfriend.

      • great point,FORGIVENESS, & PEOPLE PLAYING GOD, when there is only one, what happened to that quote what would jesus do?

    • It’s time some one who has been there speaks up. They don’t only disipline minority players. When I was there Danny Angie’s brother was there his name was Doug. He was dismissed from the basket ball team for violations of the honor code. There were two football players in my ward at byu who were also dismissed for violations of the honor code. These things happen. People are people. You know what the rules are when you sign up to go to school there. If you break the rules there are consequenses. This is not about consensual sex or any of the other crap being put forward. It is about obeying the rules that you have agreed to obey. The player is LDS he knows whats expected he confessed and knew there would be repercussions. He confessed because he knew that was the first step to making it right and repenting. He’ll be back. He was on the sidelines with the team last night. He’ll do his penence and then he’ll play again. All you mormon haters let it go. You don’t understand and you don’t want to so move on get a life and live it how you want and let us do the same. Oh and my exhusband was also kicked out of BYU and excommunicated for having afairs with his students so I know just how painful this all is. Let this go. Its just a small moment in these peoples lives I’m sure they would like it to die and be done. The school has moved on I’m sure the students have too. Now if the media and mormon haters will just move on.

  • bapassey

    They don’t just do it to “high profile minority athletes.” You only hear about those ones because they are just that “high profile.” While I was there I had multiple “low profile white” friends that broke the honor code and suffered the consequences too. Take time to think about why you only hear about guys like Davies or Unga…. BECAUSE THEY WERE HIGH PROFILE GUYS! The standards are the same for everyone no matter the race. Everyone has to try.

  • Nathan

    BYU, the only place that will kick you off the team after you preemptively volunteer the truth. It’s like eating your own young or leaving a man behind in combat because he’s wounded. The kid learned that it’s better to keep private things to himself, because bad things happen when you tell the truth! It’s safer to lie, that’s not right! That’s not a lesson I want my children to learn, ever.

    • Brett

      You dumbshit, he didn’t confess his gf is pregnant. Rules are rules. Have to enforce them.

    • You mean you never got punished for telling the truth growing up? So your going to tell your kids to lie if they broke the law,no matter who it’s hurting especially themselves. You know it is a commandment from GOD not to lie.

  • Bryan

    Pretty sad that all have to suffer from one man’s confession, the Team, the Girlfriend, The fans….. Really, who is perfect in the flesh anyway? Most don’t tell the truth even if they do break a rule and never get penalized. Why does BYU try to play God an be so harsh? Why couldn’t the punishment have been less harsh and kept in silence? Obviously BYU thrives on making statements to be “Perfect” even at the expense of all involved to try and shine above all other schools. Confession is enough and forgiveness is just as important. My heart goes out to all involved. A great year down the tubes for a great team. You deserved to be there as your team but politics ruined your chance.

    • Diva 1

      well said! the end…

  • Ken

    Reality check.
    It happen the school had a code of conduct to follow. He chose not too. What those two did in thier private time is thier business. Life goes on. This is not worth fighting over. I hope he complete his education, where ever it may be. And to both Brandon and his girlfriend. I hope you both much success and happiness together. .

  • Bryan

    I hope you both choose a better school that treats you like grown adults and with dignity and respect that you deserve. Let BYU suffer in it’s own arrogance and self righteousness.

    • Thai


      The thing is premarital sex is immature itself, teenagers do it unaware of the conseqences. Therefore he acted like my age and reacted to his own hormones and broke the “Law Of Chasity” within my church.

      Ironicly, he could have said something like this “Baby, let’s wait until marraige this is not right.”

      With that she would not be having a child, he would still have his dignity and respect as a virtous who honors the Code.


  • Grace

    GOOD!!! you dont keep the rules its what happens. . . . next time sign up for another school!!! but you had to get n*gger on them. . . . what do we expect? it would have been the same with any other school code afa or any other private school, its life!!! get over it and move on if anyone wants you. . . you show poor sportsmanship

    • Steve

      What year is it in Provo, 1950?

      • Orem JMoney

        It’s actually 2011 idiot. But hey, you go ahead and live like the rest of the world. Do whatever you want. Get drunk, get high, have all sorts of sex and disregard all the repercussions. It’s cool. While the rest of the world is spiraling out of control, it’s refreshing to see some people teach that consequences follow high risk behavior.

    • RLTerrell

      Please curb your drinking…

    • Diva1

      Grace you heffer…did you say, he got “n*gger on them”…you lucky I can’t see you or I would beat the …outta you for even coming out your face like that…you scank heffa!!!

  • Steve

    I am sure that no other BYU athletes have sex? What do all those mormon missionaries do for 2 years in the prime of their life? What a joke!

    • Thai

      Go Home and do something with yourself…

  • Dave

    I’d banger her.

  • TOM A


  • Kimmer

    I’m a Mormon but I’d never go to BYU! Every religion has it’s extremes and BYU’s one of them. Watch Hard Knocks on HBO…our athletes have 5 – four year olds and that’s the example that’s set for young adults. I guess it’s refreshing that a college doesn’t encourage a mass STD spread – but life is about making mistakes and learning from them. The Catholics have molesting priests, the Mormons have polygamy, the Islams are terrorists…..right, right? Bottom line, no religion is perfect and I guess that’s a reflection on all of us. Are any of us perfect? Is the point to be perfect or to try to live a good life? Davies made a mistake and unfortunately his school has stiff consequences. It’s better than letting athletes get away w anything because their “special”.

    • Skikopey

      wow, u actually on to something, some may call you Yahweh, others may call you Gotama, or even Alla, I call you brother.

  • Bobbie

    Thank God BYU has rules and the guts to enforce them. So many of the schools allow the students athletes do a little bit of everything. It’s not about academics and building character anymore; it’s about ‘winning” the ball game and being #1. Thank you BYU for having the courage to show young people that here is another way, and that respect, decency, discipline, honesty, pride, etc. still means something. Young people, it’s okay to obtain from premarital sex, and still be human!!!!!

  • Travis

    it is terrible.i understand the code is for them not to have sex. but common.thats why its time for religion to stay out of schools

  • Porky Pig

    Ironic that Davies is booted by a school built upon the precepts created by that nut-case Joseph Smith. Do a little deep research and discover that Smith was a marginalized wack job known for defrauding, outrageous claims and unsupported ‘evidence’ of religious visions. If he was alive today, he would be sleeping in a guttera and walking the streets mumbling to himself. No prophet, no visionary…just a nut seeking the limelight.

    • clay

      bravo, J. Smith would have been having sex with 40-50 women and/or wifes. get rid of byu.

  • NJRS

    It’s a private EDUCATIONlAL insitution,they have their rules/policies, the students are aware of the rules, they are young adults that broke the rules/their promises, cast stones if you can’t control yourselves, but we need more insitutions taking a stand for doing the right things, even when it becomes painful at first. This is what the NFL,NBA,NBL,Auburn etc needs to be doing.It is now up to the students whether they learned a great/painful lesson. Those that have choices on where they attend to further there education and don’t want to, or that doesn’t have the will or self discipline to follow these types of rules/polices will choice another insitution. I would not have been able to attend an insitution like BYU. I have been told that Penn States new wrestling coach (that is a Morman) has his team rules that his athletes can not drink alcohol even in the off season, even if they are of age. I don’t think this is a good rule but it is the rule and he is to be COMMENDED for standing for something he believes is right. That NBA Player should try it. He shows where is charactor lies,maybe he should have stood by what he believes and then said later, that after he thought about it… “IF YOU DON’T STAND FOR SOMETHING, YOU’LL FALL FOR ANYTHING” As a Christian under construction, BRAVO BYU!

  • R L Smith

    Who cares. You folks need to get a life. Like the president…. I bet he really didnt have sexual relations with that woman. Probably a just a BJ.

  • Guy

    I joined the Mormon Church when I was 34. I am now 68. I have read all of your previous posts. I understand and appreciate both the pro and con views. God chastens those whom he loves. Forms of chastening are described in both the Old and the New Testament. A temporary discipline is a sacred tool to keep us on the narrow path to eternal life. God forgives our sins if we ask, but we are still accountable to familiy, society, church, and (in this case) school. No one need have bad feelings toward someone who yields to temptation. We have all done it. We rally around those who confess (or get caught) to help them — to love them — through it. This case is no different, except that someone made it public, which (as a matter of policy) is not done by the Church or BYU.

  • concerned mom

    Please take down the pictures. Hasn’t this girl been through enough already with her boyfriend all over national news? They look like really nice kids. Leave them both alone to work through this. I hope it all works out for them and that he continues at BYU next year.

  • So many people entering the fray seem the forget that this is a PRIVATE INSTITUTION OWNED BY THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS, it does not get govenment money it is privatly funded and if you don’t like the rules you DONNOT HAVE TO GO THERE. If you want to go where there are no rules or much loser rules than you are free to pick another college. I am sure the parents of that girl at Notre Dame wish ND had taken rules more seriously instead of sweeping things under the carpet. They let accusations of rape go and now their daughter is dead. Rules are Rules society depends on them. One of the most important things you learn in life is to obey the rules. Davies has learned a hard lesson part of which is our actions affect more than ourselves. The rules at BYU are not going to change so he will have to decide if he can obey them or not. I hope to see him next year playing at BYU. I wish him only the best. He has hard decisions to make.

    • Truth Seeker

      There are only two schools that do not receive FEDERAL MONEY. One is Hillsdale College in Michigan the other a College in NW PA. All other Colleges and Universities receive Government Money in some form or another. Hillsdale College for example can not enroll students on Government Scholarships. The Government has it’s fingers in BYU.

  • Steel

    They could look at disparagement if it affects a college’s or someone’s business.
    I say’ he should pick up the pieces & start looking for another University to attend. If he can’t follow their codes it’s not going to work.

  • The verdict

    Ha,Ha she’s a **********…..Jerry Springer episode right there.

  • JVB

    can’t have premarital sex, but as soon as you get married you can have as many wives as you want, O the hypocrisy of religion.

    • Da aze

      AMEN to that!!!

  • robby’s world

    Damn, HOW BAD must sex with her BE if he wants to report it ? That can’t be helpful with her dating life and I’m sure her parents are THRILLED their little princess is a miscegenist. Hey Mom, GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER ? LmFao

  • Bill Fitzgerald

    Hey Thomas, yes this is serious and yes that is why he was booted. What did you think? that he forgot to clean his room?
    And Deenice, yes he can be forgiven in time, repentance is not a slap on the wrist, especially for the sin second only to murder. Also, The Savior said to the woman taken in adultery, “your forgiven?” no is the correct answer. He said neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more. Sin no more= repent. Hey now my sunday school lesson is almost ready for this week, yeah. And the guy who thinks polygamy is all fun and games, wait until you are married and have a family and see how much work it is, and then imagine ten times the work with several families.

  • Bill Fitzgerald

    Nice try Porky Pig, the mobs made up way more than your weak effort. They killed him and thought that was the end of it. Wrong answer, the church rolls on and will fill the world. you and anyone elses lies cannot stop the Kingdom of God on earth. Joseph Smith has done more for the salvation of mankind, save Jesus, than any other man that ever lived. Give me your address and I will send you a Book of Mormon and then you can pray about it and have a testimony as I do. Have a nice day.

  • diehard

    These are all enjoying the unimaginable meanness, and believe that not to do the same are out. that God is God and have heard that is merciful and loving to the end can get away with it easily, without consequence and with its simplistic and baseless arguments are intended to tarnish the work of one of the most prestigious institutions worldwide, I am from El Salvador CA and all that crap they love to bash Mormonism is typical of the children of the devil since the world is world have been simple and easy mind to be a hindrance to all good, and it is not surprising that his bad seed remaining in their children as well have said already. Joseph Smith was attacked by you since you said havia had a vision at age 14 in 1830, just bunch of losers the great work that derives from the frenzied mind as I love to say, The world is a better place to live that was loyal to his commitments to God not to men, and this young basketball player knows more honor to his young age than you than you might know, maybe in his life. and if you believe that so lightly have declared they will not have consequences, they are wrong.

  • T-Tone

    Stupid effing mormons…The only thing thats good about the LDS is that when there daughters turn 18, the go crazy and get all freaky like porn stars. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had. Honor code…LMAO

  • Bob Watkins

    Why did I know it would be a white woman?

  • misterdave

    I would have broken code with her too. GOOD FOR HIM

  • edward c. stengel

    BYU has a very tough moral conduct code, and I think it’s best summed up by Danny Ainge, former student and college basketball great and later starting guard on the World Champion Boston Celtics professional basketball team and now general manager of that team, “If you don’t like the code, you don’t have to go there, but once you take the oath, you’re expected to keep it.” I agree with Danny Ainge. It’s a very strict code that I could never accept, and therefore I wouldn’t go there. You can’t even drink coffee while a student there. Nobody is forcing you to go there. There’s lots of other colleges. However, if you want to go there, then you are expected to play by their rules.

  • chris

    I woulda banged my girl as well f*ck the code!

    • dreyday

      That school rule is STUPID! It’s only fueling the fire and good for him. She is hot!