Womens basketball teams ‘Concordia’ and the ‘College of Idaho’ played to a 61-61 tie with 0.7 left recently in a NAIA Tournament game. Concordia had the ball out of bounds under their own basket and Danielle Clauson pulled off the old hit the defender in the back with the inbounds pass trick for the winning lay-up. Heads up play by the young lady, game recognize game.

“It’s something my dad taught me,” Clauson said Tuesday. “I noticed earlier in the game that her back was to me and they weren’t guarding the inbounder. We had less than a second left, so I said if nobody was wide open for a layup, I’m just going to go for it.”

  • No way the ball hit the girl’s back and another girl got the shot off within .7 seconds. Ref’s should never have allowed that to stand. With .4 you can only tip a ball in. With .7, legally, you can only take the time to barely get a shot off. The extra time of the ball hitting the opposing girl and coming back to the shooter would absolutely make it longer than .7. Basket never should have counted, opposing team got screwed by bad officials who didn’t do their job properly.

  • Art

    Totally disagree. We all watch a lot of games and this stuff happens all the time.
    Grant Hill’s pass to Laetner..how much time wa son the clock? 2 secs? Laetner catches, dribbles, shoulder shimmies… a lot can happen in 2 secs, less in 1 sec, and YES, less in .7 seconds, but being that she starts to enter the floor the moment the ball leaves her hands on the inbounds…this play is legit.

    More interesting is the age-old debate…do you guard the in-bounder…is this strategy different in Girls Hoops with no threat of the alley-oop, etc?

  • Boogs

    Ah well, it’s not D-I and they don’t have video replay. If one does not want to fall victim to such officiating errors, perhaps one ought to be a better basketball player.

  • Still Not Legal

    Definitely should not have counted – clock should have started when the ball hit the player in the back but most likely did when she caught the ball…

    In the Laettner shot, the clock didn’t start until he caught it (not when it was in the air), so that’s legit….

  • No way the basket counts. 0.7 is a catch and shoot only situation. No way you can throw it off a defender and then catch and shoot. Also, did the inbounder establish herself inbounds– she has to get BOTH feet planted inbounds before she is established inbounds. Then again, it’s chick basketball so who cares. The referee has the “you’re paying me in cash and I’m outta here in 0.7 seconds” face so he’s not making any call.

  • BBchick20

    OK, first of all, RUDE. “Chick ball.” Seriously, how old are you? And second of all, she totally established herself inbounds. She bounced it gently off the back of the defender, got into position, BOTH FEET on the floor, and shot. All in .7 seconds. You can’t even acknowledge a sweet shot, you cro-magnon.