Check out the below video of an idiotic cheerleader who stepped on the court and threw the ball up in the air to celebrate, DURING THE GAME. He was charged with a technical foul and will never be allowed to show his face around campus. Imagine if Louisville would have lost the game due to this? It could have been VERY bad for the big guy. Luckily No. 16 Louisville survived the last 0.5 seconds of overtime and beat No. 4 Pittsburgh 62-59.

via Mocksession

  • IRISHFAN1057

    That was a stupid call by that ref.let the game be decided on the floor by the players not with a c
    cheepo call like that. Those 3 I hope do not end up in NYC next week!!!!



  • kahdoo

    the jackass should’ve stay off court

  • Paul McWilliams

    Maybe they should tell the cheerleaders not to get on the court until the game is over! So maybe that fat boy should not be allowed at any more games!

  • james brown

    Man I too mad, Common is banging Serena Williams brains out, that shoulda been me!

  • Paul McWilliams

    Can you imagine going to your reunion,and being known as the DUMBASS who lost the game for Louisville! Are you sure he’s not from Pittsburgh!

  • Janey

    Wow you people sure can be ugly. It’s really not that big a deal.

  • Hannah

    agreeded with Janey!

  • edujustice2005 aka Benton

    As for the game, let those ppl enjoy themselves! There was nothing wrong with the guy handling the ball. Americans always try to be too serious about everything when in fact they are nothing but racists ands liars!

  • Janelle

    Are people serious these days? They put this crap online. Like what that cheerleader did wasn’t all that serious in my book. Next time put up something serious for sport fan not crap like this video!

  • big fan


    Your “book” sucks.

  • Mark

    Janelle I agree with you.

  • S.

    Your “post” sucks.

  • thediplomat

    HA! Well played and I can’t argue with that. It does suck.

  • Denise

    what’s the big deal, he wasn’t the only one that rushed out on the court, just because he got caught up in the moment and (heaven forbid!) touched the ball with less than .05 left in the game…big deal. Football players quit playing and everyone walks out on the field in more than that time. Honestly…what more could be done in that amount of time. Get real.

  • Ryane

    Hey, edujustice2005 aka Benton
    Why don’t you shut the hell up? Not all Americans are that way. You have no right to judge us, That is not your right. So again, Shut the hell up. =D

  • Tiredofamericabashers

    All you have done is expose you own prejudice with your arrogant senseless comment. I’m tired of playing nice with @$$holes like you. Go f@ck yourself.

  • Wow! I’ve seen fans storm the field/court with like 5 whole seconds left in game and NOT be charged a tech for it! So this ONE incident that wouldn’t make/break the game – and it was damn near at the END of regulation – this is NOT a story. The officials’ dumb idea to TECH this guy is the real story…idiots! Let the games get hype and let the CHEERLEADERS get hype with the game! They are PART of the hype and the game, as it is!!!

  • TheKrisAdair

    The reaction to this is so sad……it is a game…just a game…..

  • Dukeboy

    Almost cost them the game? How so? They are Ahead by 5 with .5 to go. Just another sensationalist headline.

  • Andy

    I third what Janey said.

    It’s a GAME.

  • amaz

    Actually someone could have made a 3 pointer and have gotten fouled that would have tied the game. Someone was able to make a 2 pointer in the .5 seconds left, just as easily they could have made a 3 pointer and have gotten fouled, Obviously that is very unlikely,. but could have happened…

  • Card Fan in NC

    Word of advice to Rick Pitino:

    Before you cast that first stone at the “male cheerleader” whose on the court enthusiasm almost cost you the “game”; realize your off court antics almost cost Louisville their “program”.

  • Not True

    actually if you make a 3 pointer and are fouled you only get one free throw which would have them still one point behind

  • Gtrlvr

    With a name like Benton, I can see why you are a name caller, been called plenty I’m sure.

  • Knowthegame!

    The dunk put the Cards up by 5 points. The cheerleader’s technical allowed Pitt to shoot two free throws which closed the gap to three. Pitt now gets the ball bac with .5 seconds and if they happn to get lucky and hit a three pointer then it would have sent the game into double OT. The cheerleaders and players need to stay off the court until the horn sounds.

  • Jim

    What – and have the refs be disciplined for not enforcing the rules and their tournament games downgraded. Are you real – correct call by the officials. At what point shouldnt they enforce the rule Also for the people who said if Pitt hits a three they still lose – look at the final score buddy.

  • DSol

    Amas – Yea dude you only get one free throw if you get fouled on a 3pt make. EdJustice – Dude why would you say something like that ? what country are you from so we can make the same bone headed comments about your country.