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Apps You’ve Never Heard Of But Are Awesome: Week 2

Welcome to the 2nd edition of “Apps You’ve Never Heard Of But Are Awesome.” Last week I went through the awesome and I’m going to do it again today. I’ve sifted through the Crappstore for the absolute best apps out there. Enjoy.

The Cougar Scale – [Download] – iPhone/iPad

This app is for you nerds that play games on your phone when you’re out with friends when you should be focusing on the tail that’s around you. The word “tail” is very fitting in the context of this app—The Cougar Scale. The Cougar Scale walks you through a series of questions helping you determine what breed the female of interest is. I don’t need this shit but I’m sure someone will find it entertaining. Download.

The Cougar Scale iPhone App 1 The Cougar Scale iPhone App 2 The Cougar Scale iPhone App 3

iBreast – [Download] – iPhone

Considering buying your secretary a boob job job for her birthday? Want to see what your brother looks like with implants? The get iBreast. You can take a picture with the app or load one from your gallery of the person you want to give a breast augmentation to. Using the built in controls you select their boobs with the appropriately-sized circle and then enlarge to your liking. Download.

iBreast iPhone App 2 iBreast iPhone App 3 iBreast iPhone App 4

LifeLost – [Download] – iPhone

Let’s face it, not all the decisions you make are going to contribute to a longer life. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad decisions; it means they are the ones that are going to have the most excitement value. It’s simply the opportunity cost of life. LifeLost was created by doctors and claims to be 99% medically accurate. I’m sold. Now you know you really have to get out there and make it count before you clean up that last line in the bathroom stall. Get out there big guy. Download.

LifeLost iPhone App 1 LifeLost iPhone App 2 LifeLost iPhone App 3

Dog Booth – [Download] – iPhone

Dog Booth is an app that lets you morph a dog face into an existing photo of someone. Sadly if your girl already looks like a dog it will not make her look normal. Download.

Dog Booth iPhone App

Stay tuned for next week!