Apparently Chris Paul was none too pleased with the Deron Williams trade and he took to Twitter to express his dis-pleasure. The New Jersey Nets acquired Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors and two first-round picks.


  • jim

    Of course not he is a CPass is a dirtbag and just wanted another suitor to raise his price when hes a free agent

  • greg

    hey jim how about you get over yourself. I don’t know if your a jazz homer or not(but you probably are) but in case you didn’t know this cp3 and dwill are best friends and they talk every day. Oh yeah, remind me again why cp3 is a bad guy? because he helps his community? because he loaded up with tatoos like a gangster? yeah go crawl back under your rock now jim, your opinion is not wanted.

  • mike

    who like the trade?? lol deron had no choice because nobody wants to play in New They have NOBODY on that squad… not one good player.. sorry deron, i like your game. hang in there…

  • yeah

    hmmm, it should be pointed out that CP3 is hating on Utah for dishing Deron to NJ unwillingly. wtf is happening in Utah right now? they were a good franchise with great star and great coach the other week… the wheels falling off.

  • chris

    good one i like how u said it to jim he a hatter like many

  • Overtaxed

    The Jazz had to trade Deron. He wasn’t going to resign with Utah.The options were 1. trade Deron for last years lottery pick, a lottery pick this year, and a decent guard or 2. wait until next year when Deron opts out of his contract and get nothing.

    This trade was a no brainer.

  • Bozonified

    Let’s see. Chris Paul. Yes, I know who you are referring to. He’s the same C Paul moth**F***er that slumped to the floor while playing NC State and punched Julius Hodge in the scrotom. Yes, yes, yes. CP is a real classy guy.

    That SOB is class personified…class minus the first two letters.

    Here’s offering my “middle finger of friendship” to Chris Paul and the rest of those classy individuals on the W-Salem Campus.

  • Daver

    Well said Overtaxed, we didn’t want to lose D-Will but we had no choice.
    Plus who cares what Chris Paul thinks, he is just another spoiled brat like Lebron, Carmello etc.
    I’m glad our franchise has balls, Cleveland kissed Lebron’s butt for years and what good did it do them. It just made them look weak.

  • kjthing

    Overtaxed and Daver I’m glad someone else sees the reality of the situation, besides Harris even tho his stats lower than D-Will’s got to see who he played for in last few seasons nd still only 1.2 below assist average and 4 pts per game less than D-Will. Here’s seeing what teamwork will come to when they mesh better with the new ones as opposed to old ones. This year with the Jazz a whole new restructure of players. Only ones left now AK, Millsap, CJ Miles, Okur and a couple more second string. AJ new Bell new now Harris and Favors (who by the way the Jazz were hoping for and looked at for draft nd now have) along with 2 first rd draft picks nd cash, Nets got ripped off, we came away looking pretty, IMO. First game tonite with new line up nd the way they played in last game w/o D-Wil or another star PG nd still scored 99 WTG Jazz. Then end of season AK nd Okur 28 mil combined salary is going to get a look at some good centers. My choice is Marc Gasol now only paid 3.3 mil. throw a number out there make them pay or get him I’d say 15 to 20 mil 3 yr with a sign on bonus.

  • look at it like this. at least he’s not unemployed.