Stuart Scott

ESPN got one of its most recognized anchors back on the air this evening during SportsCenter.   Stuart Scott who has been battling with his latest bout of cancer since January was back hosting SportsCenter and looked great (especially considering he has been reportedly undergoing Chemo for a few weeks). Stuart seemed his usual verbose self (he even dropped a Friday Night lights reference), though it did look like he has lost a considerable amount of weight. We are extremely pleased to have him back in action.  Our best wishes go out to him and anyone else who has been touched by cancer in any form.

Stuart said in a statement on January 21st:

“There are 28 million cancer survivors worldwide,” Scott said in a statement. “You know what that means? . . . we’ve got a strong army!! Once again, I join the fight and like 3 years ago, I plan to beat this thing. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone’s well wishes and support. I’ll be back at work soon…probably sooner than you think. I am blessed to have the invaluable support of a great team of doctors, my loving family, genuine friends, and my ESPN family.”

Stuart Scott is only 45.


  • kaheem spann

    Dear, Stuart Scott
    I am doing a project to where I have to ask a sports broadcaster a series of ten questions, and I couldn’t think of anyone better than the king of ESPN himself.
    1. So I would like to know how much does a anchor of your caliber make a year?
    2. Also what would I have to major in school to become a sports anchor?
    3. How many years did it take to complete your major?
    4. How long have you been working in the field of broadcasting?
    5. What inspired you to become a sports broadcaster?
    6. What do you do on a day to day basis?
    7. Do you enjoy getting up and going to work every morning?
    8. Have you ever wanted to go into any other line of work?
    9. How many celebs do you know?
    10. How has your life changed since you have become a famous broadcaster?