Hooters Married Discount

Beginning next week, a Hooters in Manhattan on West 56th Street is extending a special offer to married men who come and eat at the restaurant. The ad clearly shows that the longer you’ve been married, the bigger discount off your bill. Not quite sure how they’re going to verify you’re married (aside from a ring) and how long you’ve been married; however, it is an impressing marketing stunt to drive the otherwise guilty demographic into the venue.

[via: AdFreak]

  • mmr

    should read: just bring a copy of this ad and proof of your marriage, but not your wife.

  • Will737

    The only two women I have ever known to be whores, yes, actual prostitutes, were Hooters waitresses (in costume and working while making this known to me). No, neither incident was a joke. And no, I did not accept their offers of services. Now you may think that that my experiences are terribly unusual. But consider the behavior by a Hooters Corporate Trainer outlined in the Jarman Gray case. To see a copy of the original court petition see The Smoking Gun website, or just Google Jarman Gray and Hooters. There a Corporate Trainer encouraged the waitresses to perform sex acts for money with the customers. The Asst. Manager Jarman Gray was fired for objecting.

    Married men better be careful. Don’t want to end up like Eliott Spitzer.