Fernando Torres Knee Shin Toe
Fernando Torres does his impression of Chinese Legend "Knee Shin Toe"

Historically, the Chinese have proven to be an easy target for racially inappropriate statements….like this:


Two prominent beliefs are that they all have squinted eyes (untrue!) and that they all look the same i.e like Bruce Lee (true-ish, unless you have a permanent marker handy). In any event, this type of gross ignorance has become seriously cliche.

This did not stop English commentator Glenn Hoddle from outclassing  himself during an English Premier League soccer game between Chelsea and Fulham. Following the record move to Chelsea from Liverpool at the end of January for 50 million pounds, Fernando Torres has become a pantomime villain to Liverpool fans who once adored him and now stands under the spot light of intense, unrelenting scrutiny.

At his lofty price tag, he is expected perform miracles on the field, namely to part The Green Sea of Grass and lead the Blues into the promised land. A much needed boost for Chelsea’s season as it slowly descends into the abyss of mid-table mediocrity.

When Fernando Torres failed to control a relatively simple pass Glenn Hoddle flashed a beam of disgrace on him and opened his bag of old English soccer phrases that are inappropriate anywhere where there are no strippers, whiskey and beer. In response to Torres’s miscontrol Hoddle remarked,

“When it’s not going for you, it’s not going for you. It’s come off his chest, his knee and his toe. It’s almost like the Chinese player Knee Shin Toe,” Hoddle said.”



Hoddle was quick to apologize for his comments.

“I can only apologize to those who took offence,…There’s no excuse. It’s an old football expression and I understand I can’t say things like that.” said Hoddle with pie on his face and his knickers in a knot.

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