Not much needs to be said to describe how hard this is to actually pull off. I’ve seen plenty of alley-oops, but this one has to be the longest. Dwayne throws a dart across the length of the entire court and Lebron is able to pull it in for a difficult 2 points. Game recognize game. The Miami Heat ended up beating the Indiana Pacers 110-103, Wade had 41 and Lebron finished with 27 points.

  • jay

    great pass but wade traveled

  • GhostRunner

    Impressive but Wade traveled.

  • That shot,I’ve seen before by Ramsan Younatham and Patrick O’Connor ,Wow!!!

  • It was really a great pass, but it looked to me that the ref should have called a travel on Wade, as he rebounded then took a couple of steps to turn his body to make the throw. But it is the stars in the game that get all the calls.

  • liberalism is a mental disorder

    traveling… NBA response. they are professionals they don’t travel….

    but he(wade) did. but when you deal with the N.B.A.

    Not Basketball Anymore

    its easily seen that its more politics and espn,
    then sportsmanship and playing a game.

  • That was amazing. One of the greatest passes I’ve ever seen.

  • Shaun

    D-Wade is by far one of the leagues biggest “walkers”. he travels at least 4 times every game. On rebounds, catch-and-shoots, and worse off when he dribbles or goes into a layup. at 6’4 it should be impossible for dude to go full-court (NBA size court) with only 4 dribbles. Even with the loosely called push-dribble where you push the ball way out in front and then kinda catch up to it.

    At 6’6 it takes me about 4 dribbles to go full-court on a regular (high school) size court. How can Wade do it on a NBA length court?? Because he travels.

    Watch the next layup he takes. He loves taking that extra step. He’s taken Patrick Ewing’s 3-step bunny hop to new heights.

    Oh yeah, and the pass wasn’t that impressive… More dumb luck than anything else. Give em 100 times in a empty gym and they only connect on maybe 20%. DWade aint no quarterback. It was so-so.

    If its the greatest pass you’ve seen before, you are obviously young and haven’t been around long enough to see Magic or even JKidd throw lobs. Kidd is the full-to-3/4-court lob King. that is all.

  • this is why they call it where amizing happens!

  • Erica

    You got 2 LUV them!!!!!!!!!!! Heat Baby

  • blah blah

    WOW, that is impresive. But there always has to be the people who pick it apart like the “traveling” people. Just like the play and move on I know it’s not your team. Heck they aren’t mine but I won’t go picking the play apart I’ll just be impressed by it.

  • Stantonia

    Good Pass but looked more like a long pass with a layup to finish it. The ball was caught way below the rim for me to consider it an alley-oop. Plus LeBron didn’t even try to dunk it. He just did a layup off the back board.


  • LBGAY(lebron james)

    DWADE(ONLY GOOD PLAYER ON HEAT) TRAVELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD PLAY BUT REFS R STUPID AND DIDNT CALL THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!