BSC 2011 - Week Six

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to another week end wrap-up in the Big Skeezy Challenge 2011!  If you’ll recall, last week was not a particularly stellar one as only two pounds were lost and bad decisions were made.  They were delicious decisions, but bad decisions none the less.  Would Big Skeezy continue the downward spiral or could he rebound and get back into the groove?  Let’s break it down:

After the near disaster of Super Bowl week I decided to go hard and make up for lost time.  While two pounds in a week is still a success, it wasn’t a particularly good week.  Even this last week got off to a mild start, as I didn’t hit the gym for the first two days.  I generally take Tuesdays off as that is weigh-in day and I usually feel good enough about my progress to skip it.  Also, I tend to push hard over the last few days of the week to make up for any slacking I had done earlier, so giving my muscles a chance to rest and repair is smiled upon by my body.  I missed Wednesday night as well, as I had a prior engagement I couldn’t break.  After that, though, I went pretty hard:

Not bad, not bad

I hit the gym four out of the next five days.  I actually got some decent non-gym exercise on Saturday as well, spending a few hours running around the office and then visiting my friend Wendi (name changed) and her daughter, Girl Baby, down at the beach.  We had a lovely late lunch at a Mediterranean place, where tapas was on the menu.  I did indulge in a little bread but it was mostly meats and cheeses, in accordance with my plan.  Even Girl Baby got onto the health train by eating carrots, as evidenced here:

Why So Serious?!

She also does a wonderful Joker impression.  “Why so serious?!”

Sunday was spent back at the gym and then running errands.  I ended up at the mall as I had to pick something up and let me tell you this – being at the mall the day before Valentine’s Day sucks.  It’s amazing how irritable people are when they are buying presents to show their affection for another human being.  I was at one store in particular that probably does their best business this time of year and everyone waiting in line was in the foulest mood.  Luckily I was there early enough to not be around them for long but man, what a pain.

Later that day I picked up my friend Kyle at the airport and we made dinner for a new friend of ours who was in the middle of a ten hour layover en route to Australia to study for the next five months.  I made up some chicken and carne asada and we had tacos.  I over-indulged a tiny bit, actually eating the tortillas and having chips with the guacamole.  Okay, so maybe I had some tequila, too, but I did mix it with Fresca instead of using the margarita mix.

Each day this past week was pretty standard fare as far as my food intake went.  Oatmeal Time at breakfast, my usual chicken and greens for lunch and then I generally opted for a light omelet for dinner.  Quick and tasty, as well as light enough to keep me from feeling bloated and stuffed.

Needless to say, I was pretty anxious to see how the week had gone when I awoke this morning.  I put my chicken on the Foreman grill, stepped on the scale and found that I…

…lost six pounds!

For those of you keeping score, that brings the year’s grand total to an even 30 pounds lost.  Not bad, but as Jerry Reed would say, “we’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there…”

As always, thanks to everyone for the kind words, support, reading this weekly check-in and for keeping me honest.  I appreciate it more than you know.