University of North Carolina’s chancellor Holden Thorp took to Twitter to give Duke a quick jab before the big Tobacco Road rivalry game on Wednesday night. The tweet read “Our students are talking about the future and asking smart questions instead of wasting time sitting in a tent.” He was obviously taking a swipe at Duke’s students who camp out in tents prior to all home games for good seats. Holden apologized a very short time after. In my personal opinion I thought it was a clean blow and given the rivalry between the two schools, it was pretty funny.



  • Stephanieღ.

    Skylanders are a fave in our home !! OMG the hubby and I love Thumpback “HAIL TO THE WHALE!”. The boys love Krypt King!

  • Danny Garcia

    We love all the characters but our family favorite is Trigger Happy, between his laugh and his battle cries(Eat gold, Bigger Trigger) we love playing with this character. We have video game nights where my daughters and i play for hours at time. It is so much fun, its a great family game.

  • Andrea

    I don’t know that we could pick a favorite – Pop Fizz used to be but I think Warnado is the current fave. My vote is for Bat Spin

  • D Schmidt

    My son adores Spyro, his obsession is rather ridiculous (who knew they made so much merchandise!). His favorite from the new trio is at Bat Spin

  • Calnak

    Eye Brawl is my son’s favorite. We’re voting for High Five.

  • Dawn Monroe

    My grandkids are fans. They especially like Tree Rex, Slobber Tooth and Terra Fun. I voted for Bat Spin.

  • MnLady

    Sloober Tooth is our favorite and I voted for Bat Spin!