BSC - Week Five

Good morning, campers!  Week Five of the BSC 2011 is over and done with.  As most of you noticed, the Super Bowl was this past weekend.  Could Big Skeezy stay away from all of the deliciousness that goes along with a weekend full of revelry or would he succumb to the plethora of roadblocks that are a cornerstone of the holiest of Sundays?  Let’s break it down:

Coming off of the six pound loss last week, I was excited to keep the momentum going.  I generally take Tuesdays off from the gym, as that is weigh-in day and you should always give yourself a day off here and there to let your muscles repair.  I started the week wonderfully, tossing the usual oatmeal, salad, chicken, fish and seeds down my gullet.  Unfortunately, I missed the gym on Wednesday due to a late night at the office, as you can see here in my screen grab from the DigiFit software I continue to employ (see the Week Four post for more information on it):

Workin' out

As you can see, I came back strong on Thursday and had a devil of a workout (see what I did there?) but then…oh, then….

…the darkness set in.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t exactly the “darkness” but, rather, Super Bowl weekend.  I attended a going away happy hour shindig for a co-worker on Friday, so goodbye gym!  These days when I drink I tend to stick to vodka and soda, as it is the “best” for me as far as my anti-carb stance goes.  It’s not GOOD for me, mind you, but it’s not TERRIBLE.  I knocked back a few of those and then I got the call to meet Kyle and Wii C up the road a ways.

So off I went, and by 2:00 AM when we closed down my third bar of the night (after singing what was possibly my worst round of karaoke ever) I was thoroughly drunk.  Not good for the BSC, but somewhat of a rarity these days so I didn’t worry too much about it.  Saturday night came and, since it was Super Bowl Eve, the boys and I decided to go out.  A few hours and many, many cocktails later I was not entirely sober again.  Strike two.

Finally we come to Sunday.  Wonderful, delicious Sunday.  My pal Joey (name changed – anonymity protected) had announced that it was going to be a dip fest.  Spinach artichoke, chili and bean.  I did, as you can see from the chart above, hit the gym for about thirty minutes that morning and then we played basketball for another 30-45 or so.  That data didn;t get recorded because the sensor has to be within three meters of you and I didn’t have pockets in my sweatpants.  So, truth be told, I was feeling pretty good about the day.  Even if I slipped and ate just the teeniest little bit of yumyums I would be okay as far as the BSC goes.

And so the day wore on.  The guys went to the store and came back with steaks (good for me!), beer (not so great), vodka (oh, you again?), rum (not on my menu), vegetables (hooray!), sausages (can do!), and all the dip fixin’s (not on the flight plan).  It was the Super Bowl and I had worked out hard that morning so right into it I went.  Well, right into the vodka….again.  I ate my steak and sampled some veggies but there’s something you have to know about me.  You cannot set Fritos and homemade bean dip in front of me and expect me to just sit idly by and watch them.  So I ate some.  More than i should have, yes, but not as much as I COULD have, so it was a decent win.  The Packers beat the Rapists, too, so that was fantastic.

Monday it was back into the groove, menu and gym time back to normal.  I was dreading this morning, having completely convinced myself that it was going to be an upward swing on the ol’ scale when I stepped onto it.  I awoke this morning, put my usual chicken on the Foreman grill, stepped on the scale and looked down to find that I had…

…actually lost two pounds!

I was a bit stunned.  I was also a bit upset with myself for being such a jerk health-wise this past weekend.  I could have practiced more self control but it was a holiday, dammit, and a small slip isn’t going to kill me.  Hell, I still lost two pounds (and that bean dip was DELICIOUS!).

The weigh in puts quite the hurdle on my “another 20 pounds in February” goal, as I’ll have to average six pounds a week to make it.  Can I do it?  Stay tuned and find out!