And that was just the beginning. On top of that you get John Madden, George Bush, Laura Bush, and a few other heavy hitters hanging out in a super-box at Cowboys Stadium. John Madden is busy texting Al Michaels, Laura Bush looks like she has had one too many cocktails and the kicker is at the end. Cameron Diaz feeding A-Rod on national TV. Man Card Revoked.

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  • Did A-Rod even still have a man card?

  • Johnnie

    Revoked?! Forget that! Dude gets his life membership gratis! He shoulda sucked her fingers at the end, too!

  • rush

    so being fed by a beautiful woman is embarrassing?

  • Min

    Who really cares???? They are both boring….

  • Brett

    Why would A Rod be embarrassed? C Diaz can feed me popcorn all day long!

  • storm0348

    Both are BIMBOS!

  • Hondon

    What’s the big deal? It’s super bowl Sunday! If you can’t find something else to write about maybe it’s time for a career change.


  • I’d love to be embarrassed by Cameron Diaz.

  • John Thomson

    I don’t know who wrote this but you are a fool and insecure to boot.Cameron Diaz can tie me up and feed me on prime time TV anytime.

  • Obsidian1

    ManCard revoked?!?!?
    You people are obviously unclear on the pertinent concept here.
    Being handfed by a beautiful woman is a symbol of Manliness Stature that harkens back to Pharhaohs of Ancient Egypt or ancient times when Sultans had harems of scantily clad females feeding them grapes, figs, and other delights.

    We need to inspect your ManCards for validity. Apparently your WAGs have you brainwashed and not in a good way.

  • Charger Greg

    Not embarrassing at all it’s kind of sweet actually.

  • DeeDee

    I would be far more embarrassed if I was George Bush. Nothing wrong with being fed by a beautiful woman. But sitting in an overly expensive seat and sleeping through the Super Bowl when you know the cameras are going to be on you is sad.

  • DinD

    I totally agree! Some men just don’t get it.



  • Dude abides

    She is not a babe anymore she is 40 + looking cougar – so just showing up with her shows poor taste for A-fraud.

    Being fed from a woman in public? Manned up! Anytime a woman is taking care of you in public – all the other women knows you are taking care of your girl in the bedroom, in the kitchen on the balcony….

    So someone needs to check if their ManCard is hiding something else… real men don’t carry cards – they carry confidence and respect.

  • the sad part is little conda is separated from {her husband ] whoops 1!!!!! by big John Maddon and poor Laura the lump just sits and grins where am I ???????