On Tuesday morning, the Mayor of LA, and the NFL will announce that the proposed downtown stadium will be called “Farmers Field.”

According to sources close to the NFL, naming rights have been purchased by Farmers Insurance Group; hence “Farmers Field.”  The proposed downtown stadiums can be seen here.


A WHOIS lookup for the website www.farmersfield.com, shows Farmers Group, Inc. as the owner of the domain. This supports the stadium’s name, “Farmers Field,” and will likely be the venue’s website.

The stadium will be owned by Philip Anschutz and president Tim Leiweke who head up AEG.  AEG has been instrumental in the revival for Los Angeles with their LA LIVE project at the Staples Center.

Sources are estimating that the stadium should be built by 2015 and could host a team the following year.

Possible teams that could inhabit the new stadium are the front-running San Diego Chargers, the Minnesota Vikings, or the Jacksonville Jaguars.  It sure would be nice to have a stadium, or even a team to put in that stadium.  The naming rights deal doesn’t necessarily make the move to LA a done deal, LA naming rights deal.  The real issue depends on AEG’s deal with the team.

[via: Variety]