I will let the pictures do the talking here, but first here is a little context.   I was lucky enough to call in a favor from a  good friend to be able to secure 6 pretty great tickets to a 2008 NASCAR race at Phoenix Raceway.  To be very accurate; Sunday, Nov 9, 2008.   The day before I was to leave I was supposed to have received the tickets, and to my dismay they never showed up.  ( I was taking my girlfriend at the time, my sister, and her husband with me to enjoy the race).  Long story short is that I never got the tickets, yet we were lucky enough to have hot passes arranged via NASCAR a hour before the race which allowed us entry.   We snuck into seats for the race and a great time was had by all, yet the mystery of the lost tickets remained.  If anyone knows anyone at UPS, please forward them this article so I can finally get my apology.  They can SUBMIT THE APOLOGY HERE…

The mystery was finally solved this morning when I received the following e-mail;  (27 MONTHS LATER!!!!)

Email UPS

And here is the photo attachment of the long last tickets;

  • iceman

    1-800-FUCK-UPS (see what I did there? A double entendre.)

  • @ least it got there eh. made a blog post topic. tickets got some value.

  • On behalf of UPS, I want to express our sincere apologies. This is not the experience we want to deliver. I’m glad that we were able to connect you with our Corporate Customer Relations team to discuss the problem further. Hopefully, your future UPS experiences won’t be quite so eventful.

    Best regards,

    Debbie Curtis-Magley
    UPS Public Relations
    Twitter: @UPS

  • As lead logistics supervisor for UPS, I am deeply sorry for your loss. Please contact us ASAP so we can try to make amends. I’m sure several discount coupons on future shipping would be more than enough.