D wade
Dwyane Wade is channeling his best MNF Mike Singletary impression tonight when the Miami Heat face off with the New York Knicks tonight. Dywane has been suffering from migraine headaches for the past week and the red-tinted glasses help to keep his eyes shaded from the bright lights which seem to trigger the headaches.  Dywane said;

“I’ll feel the game out, see how I feel,” he said after Thursday morning’s shootaround. “At times throughout the game, of course, I’ll take them off, and if I feel like my eyes are adjusting well, my eyes are doing well, I may go without them. But I’m going to start the game (wearing them) for sure.”

Wade has practiced with the glasses for several days, experimenting with different tints to find the one that’s most comfortable. His peripheral vision will still be compromised some. Coach Erik Spoelstra said the glasses had been approved by the NBA.

“I don’t really know how I look in them yet — I haven’t even looked in the mirror,” Wade joked. “I’ve got to make sure I look good in them, too.”

via AP