Check out the sucker punch that #34 lays on #3 in the video at exactly 23 seconds into the clip. You have to admit that it is pretty blatant, but you ALSO need to admit that #34 hits like a little baby. Even better is the reaction from the even bigger baby (#3), as he pretends to get hit in the eye and flops like Vlade Divac.


The real kicker comes at the fact that #34 actually uploaded this clip to YouTube himself. The description reads; “I was at a basketball game tossing in the ball (#34) and number 3 hit my eye and i punched him.” The tags he associated with the post are; “basketball,” “fail,” “punch,” and “epic fail.” You have to give that guy some respect for that move.

  • Thomas

    What a punk ass…and then of course the parent in the stands is outraged. Suspended for the year and an apology is in order. “respect for that move (upload)”???? What??

  • EV

    Kudo’s to the ref. That absolutely is the right call to make. There is no place for that behavior in sports. Teach the kid a lesson that his parents are too inept to do themselves.

    • Tronk

      Absolutely right! The ref didn’t hesitate to make the call. Toss the punk.

  • Mo

    Classic sucker punch. Not the mexarab way:

  • macrda

    What has happened to parenting today?

  • Roy

    Suspend the punk. Funny how no one goes to help the victim…

    • Mitch

      Agreed. As to the ‘victim’ I think he will survive.

  • Mike

    Give who respect, for what move? Are you serious?

  • Skippy Weaselpants

    Technically (pun intended) it’s not the correct call. Under US high school rules (which is what organizations like this use) you cannot have a technical foul for contact during a live ball. Actually, this is a flagrant personal foul. What’s the difference? It’s minor: flagrant personal – fouled player must shoot the subsequent free throws (unless too injured), flagrant technical – anyone on his team can shoot them. flagrant personal – the subsequent inbound is at the spot of the foul, flagrant technical – the subsequent inbound is at midcourt opposite the score table. Any foul deemed flagrant, personal or technical, is an automatic ejection.