The New York Jets trash talked all week before their divisional playoff game against the New England Patriots…and it worked. So it’s no surprise that they’re bringing the exact same strategy into this week’s AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Some notable quotes from the week:

Antonio Cromartie on Hines Ward and combating Hines’ habit of hitting opponents that aren’t looking:

“Just tell [him] if he do it again you’re gonna kick his ass.”

Cromartie said Ward is not “man enough” to hit players while they are looking.

NY Jets Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine on Hines Ward:

“…the toughest player in the league, when no one’s looking.”

NY Jets Safety Eric Smith on Hines Ward:

“We saw some of those plays, like in the Ravens game, he’s out there hitting Dawan Landry in the back, he came across and hit Ray Lewis in the back,” Smith said. “Ed Reed was 30 yards downfield and he’s going down and hitting him. It’s just unnecessary things like that that make you mad as a defender.”

“If I finish what I said and then do what I planned on doing, I’m going to get fined,”

The Jets have been backing up their tough talk when it mattered. We’re looking forward to a chippy, chippy AFC matchup.