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Who Wins This Weekend’s AFC/NFC Championships on the Social Media Front?

Wondering who’s winning the NFC/AFC championship games this weekend on the social media front? See the tale of the tape below:

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

Facebook Likes:
790,492 vs. 1,160,734

Twitter Followers:
42,196 vs. 34, 741

Twitter followers: Individual Packers vs. Individual Bears
Nick Barnett: 383,282 vs. Jay Cutler: 73,158
Aaron Rodgers: 99,170 vs. Devin Hester: 70,287
Clay Matthews: 76,837 vs. Matt Forte: 43,493

Total Fans/Followers:
1,391,977 vs. 1,382,413

Winner = Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Jets

Facebook Likes:
1,488,380 vs. 427,877

Twitter Followers:
41,162 vs. 94,271

Twitter Followers: Individual Steelers vs. Individual Jets
Troy Polamalu: 106, 741 vs. Mark Sanchez: 292,129
Hines Ward: 41,891 vs. Darrelle Revis: 125,094
LaMarr Woodley: 31,668 vs. Antonio Cromartie: 64,001

Total Fans/Followers:
1,709,842 vs. 1,003,372

Winner = Pittsburgh Steelers

(via Hook Worldwide)