Woman Falls Into Fountain At Mall And Files Lawsuit

Remember the video of the woman who falls into the fountain at the mall while obliviously texting on her phone? Her name is Cathy Cruz Marrero, an employee at the mall, and she plans on filing a lawsuit against the shopping center because people (it has not been determined whether the voices are security personnel or not) are overheard laughing at her during the recording of the surveillance tape. Ms. Moron says shes humiliated  that the video has been played nearly 2 million times on YouTube. Listen Ms. Moron, no one knew who you were from the grainy video. You learned a good lessen the hard way. I applaud your idiocracy (Idiocracy is a great movie by the way) in driving more attention to your video so people understand the dangers of multitasking.

Here’s the video one last time of Cathy Cruz Marrero going headfirst into the fountain for an indoor fountain swim.

[via ABC Action News]