Venus strutted to her second-round match at the Australian Open wearing a very loud yellow tank-top dress thingy with a crisscross pattern covering her six pack.  The outfit was by far the loudest thing at the Australian Open.  You have to give it to her for just not caring at all.   Follow us on Facebook HERE

Venus Williams

via @elissetennis and @ClayTravisBGID

  • DrSyn

    Nice nipples!

    • gman

      Do they let him play against women?

    • David

      You are very easily impressed!!! That is a very tasteless outfit!

  • Chris

    She looks like an apple pie!

  • gman

    Who is that man…? Is he a cross dresser..? Does he play against women?

  • Matt

    This is what you have to do to get attention when you haven’t won a major in three years and haven’t won a major other than Wimbledon in 8.

    • gp

      And so Matt what did YOU get?? Any of the hundreds of thousands she got or press or TV time? any interviews, can you even get a ticket to GET to Australia? You ppl kill me w/all your negativity what is it about these sisters that just make’s ya’ll azz itch!!! Oh I know (wanna be) They may not be the world’s beauties but they damn sure are amoung the ELITE & the Rich & the Famous now who know’s ur slow a**?? Only idiots judge ppl on the physical only. and If you bother to look there are MANY other players out there (women) who have more muscle mass that the Williams sisters but guess you overlooked that point. LOSER

      • mmlilting

        GP, you are so right. Venus Williams is great. Venus is spiritually devout,well-read, family-oriented, multi-talented, and in the top 5 in the WORLD in her “other” career of tennis. And most designers have cutting edge outfits that some in “the general public” just don’t get. Venus has justifiably won awards for her designs. They are like art – some of it is avante garde and quirkily brilliant. Moreover, Venus and Serena Williams are beautiful ladies with undeniable feminine curvaceousness. When they get married and bear children, the wackos writing stupid lies about them now will look even more brain-dead then.

      • mmlilting

        GP, you make a good point about the Williams sisters’ skill, justifiable fame, and wealth. Venus is also brilliant. Her amazing open letter to Wimbledon officials, that was printed in the London Times, is the reason those officials stated they finally decided to equalize pay for women and men at Wimbledon! Venus is an award-winning designer who pushes the envelope they way many creative people do. Her outfit is as avante-garde as some modern paintings are. Venus and Serena are also undeniably curvaceous ladies who will someday marry and bear children. In the meantime we can continue to enjoy their prodigious tennis skill, their pleasing/ thought-provoking attire, and the knowledge that AMERICAN women are winning major championships. Gooooo, Venus! Gooooo, Serena! Gooooo, Williams!

  • Maggie

    And she designs these attrocities?

  • DD

    Thank god that thing was wearing clothes. I shudder to think how that thing would have looked nekkid.

  • Will

    She looks fat and/or pregnant

  • NFA

    I don’t get these people who are writing nasty things about Venus Williams. You all must just be jealous of her success and all.
    Besides, she looks great in my opinion.

  • i guess the media will always allow idiots to see only the hateful things they have in their hearts and then pass it on to weak minded individuals who can`t respect people for being themselves

  • at least she`s not an addict like your beatiful britney or lindsey

    • avion 68

      i think she looks good no matter what becouse she is a strong person that is not scared to express her self in a world where follow the leader is a common practice

  • Ellen

    Sure she looks great, the outfit though is dreadful. It’s as if a figure skater got lost on the way to the tennis court.

  • george

    I guess this is the only way she can draw attention to herself. It’s sad to watch an athlete on the decline looking ridiculous. You just wish they would go away quietly.

  • nehemiah eze

    Venus is a star in her generation and she will do everything good to remain there, her dressing could attract attention where ever she go, so no kwams as she is not naked. Kick baby you are our idol in sport

  • elvira walker

    Venus Williams can wear anything she wants to. She can open up a can of whip-ass on her opponents. What dif does it make? She is BAAAADDDD on the courts.

  • benny

    Venus looks like a tranny hooker on the stroll not a champion tennis player. But at least she is proud of her talent.

  • Nil

    Well, to each his own and like they say, “different strokes for different folks.”

    • Shay

      Nil, you are right. What else can be said about the Williams sister’s. When they first hit the scene, all you heard was why do they wear them beads in their hair. Now that has surpassed the only thing they can talk about is what the Williams sister’s wear. Just to let some idiots know, its part of the African American Culture to wear “beads in your hair”. And its not like “beads in your hair” is foreign, heck Bo Derrick, sported the same look many years ago. The Williams sister’s are African American women with shapely” bodies, it doesn’t matter what they wear because you are bound to have butt cheeks popping out everywhere. I am just saying, put some of their outfits on other players, and more than likely it will not fit the same.Them Williams sister’s got something to drop low”. The rich and famous are always going to wear clothes that we just don’t think are cute, let alone think that its worth buying. As Nil said, to each his own.

  • ColoradoBrit

    As a journalist on a British newspaper website has commented, has she become the Lady Gaga of tennis?

  • ec

    most of us want to see less not more of these williams goons. they are about butt ugly. I only watch womens tennis when decent attractive ladys with modest outfits are playing.

  • rudi

    and ec does it matter if they can play ?
    i would love to see a pic of u . wow

  • Moose

    A very attractive woman with talent. She is free to wear whatever kind of clothing she wants to.

  • Anwar

    It’s sad that in 2011 that some of us think when we say or write such negative comments will make us look bigger and better. That is not true. When are we going to grow and develop a stronger and more intelligent human conscious. We are one family with different talents, needs, and skill sets. It’s not the skin or the shape of the body, but the best of the offerings that we provide. The shell is for the purpose of identification of what talents or skill sets that that person might bring to the table. When are we going to understand that our strengths comes and develops from the best challenges that from amongst us all. Let grow up and form constructive words that will influence and shape a better tomorrow for us all..

  • bill

    I’ve seen Dennis Rodman in drag before

  • mmlilting

    GP, you are on to something. Venus Williams is spiritually devout, family-oriented, hard-working, multi-talented, and an AMERICAN champion we can be happy about. Moreover, Venus is brilliant. Her wonderfully logical open letter to Wimbledon officials that appeared in the London Times is the reason those officials said they finally decided to equalize pay for women players at Wimbledon. Btw, Venus is an award-winning designer. Some of her outfits are like avant-garde modern paintings. As a creative person she pushes the envelope. And Venus and Serena are beautiful ladies whose feminine curvaceousness is undeniable. They will one day marry and bear children who we can only hope will be as persistently great as their mothers.

  • George

    This is the problem with idiots when it comes to freedom of speech. They think that they can and, better yet, should publish their stupid opinions on anybody, with no regards for a minimum of respect or charity! Is this “Democracy”?

  • Joeseph Bloe

    To all those upset that Venus is being criticised for her outfit…please, style IS a matter of opinion and the Williams sisters themselves have OFTEN expressed their desire to push fashion boundaries/norms.

    When you push the boundaries you WILL get critics. Now, they don’t seem to give a rat’s ass what people think and have ALSO said they enjoy the attention/publicity/controversy. I say, get over it. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing – and they’re pretty successful at it.

    To all those saying people are jealous of the Williams’ success and that’s the only reason the two get so much criticism…you ignore the history of these two and their father.

    They have always been rude. They have always been insulting. They have, from the beginning, been ungracious to other players AND their father is clearly – by the glaring example of his own words and deeds – the person who taught them such ill manners.

    The Williams’ get criticised because people don’t like what they have done…what they have said…over all the years of their time on the Tennis circuit. As individual people they are simply not well liked because of their OWN actions. They are responsible for the majority of negative response they receive.

    Are they talented? ABSOLUTELY! Are they destined to go down in the history books as two of the greatest ever? WITHOUT A DOUBT! Their tremendous talent doesn’t excuse how they have treated others in their profession however.

    Just to be clear, they are not alone… Illie Nastasi, Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi, John McEnroe, Martina Navrotolova all were disliked in their time…and for the same reasons. They were rude, obnoxious, poor sports…they didn’t “obey the rules”. They were also great tennis players. Agassi is probably the most like the Williams sisters in one regard. People forget but when he first started out, he wore – what was considered to be at the time – outrageous outfits. He eventually became Cannon’s spokesperson for their “Rebel” camera line because of it.

    Criticism comes to those who make themselves a target. Venus and Serena are just the latest in the tennis world. They won’t be the last either.

  • george

    she has what it takes why not show it off…you go girl

  • Momcat

    What a mess! Based on this, she must not be making any money selling her “creations” except for maybe on Halloween. What a foolish mistake…

  • Gottalover

    Yeah, you people make me laugh. All this bull over having someone wear something odd. So what? SHE liked it and that is what counts. ‘Sides, when she takes it off she still looks better than anything you ever got to ride.

  • Katbluefan

    I think it is the perfect outfit for her. It shows all of her in her best. The only problem I have when I step back and take a very long look is “What the Heck happened to a nice looking woman”? Who now looks like a over grown tub of Cow S**it. She needs to check herself

  • david shiel

    Quick, more lipstick!