Popular mobile app Trapster, a speed trap sharing system that we have written about before, was recently a target of a hacking attempt that may put the user names, passwords, and email addresses of the over 10 million userbase at risk. I received an email this morning (picture below) from Trapster notifying me of the potential security breach.

Because people typically use a universal password for all of their accounts, the damage of this exploit can extend well beyond the walls of the hacked site. When it was announced back in December that the Gawker network was hacked, people soon realized that once you had access to a person’s account for one site, you often had access to some of their most well kept information like their banking account, Facebook account, and email account. If you are a member of Trapster, it is recommended you change your password immediately as well as the passwords for other accounts you have that may share the same password.

Trapster Website Hacked