Cowboys and drunkards are rejoicing this morning.  Both had a rough time when reports surfaced yesterday of Jose Rios, 33, and Samuel Olivo Jr, 48 getting a DWI in Texas for riding a horse and mule (while intoxicated) on a busy city street.   The two were coaxing passers-by to take pictures and pet their horse and mule.  Police said the two “were impeding traffic and could have caused an accident”.   Officers promptly conducted a field sobriety test on the two and then charged them with driving while intoxicated.

However, in a wonderful turn of events those charges were dropped for both Mr Rios and Mr Olvio because the legal definition of a motor vehicle in relation to DWI charges is too vague.  (Side note; Mr Rios was charged with public intoxication).

How could we NOT have video of this.

via The Herald Sun