Lebron took to Twitter tonight to call out the Cavs in a not so discrete fashion. Lebron tweeted; “Crazy. Karma is a b****..  Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”

For those of you who can’t decipher Lebron’s cryptic message, he was referring to the Cleveland Cavaliers losing to the Lakers in embarrassing fashion on Tuesday night, 112 to 57.

It seems to me that Lebron invoking God and karma in the same sentence, in regards to another team getting decimated, can’t be good karma.

Lebron Tweet

via @KingJames

  • esco

    Lebron is a b****

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  • Dirty

    Is the Cavaliers performance the result of bad karma, or getting sold-out by their best player at the very end of FA LeBron?

  • krunkymunky

    i don’t think lebron quite gets the concept of karma.

  • Dave

    Karma is when LeBron blows out his knee.

  • LBClueless

    What a codpiece. Abandons his city/state and then mocks them when they fail. Kisses Cleveland’s butt when he’s in Ohio and tweets like a coward when out of state. LeBron, you are an immature, cowardly child. Truly a ‘King’ with no class.

    -From a non-basketball fan who does not live in Ohio

  • HowClassless

    Interesting… by invoking Karma, he has cast his own (especially come playoff time when his MO is quiting and blaming everyone else for his shortcomings).

  • Karma

    Career ending injury, here I come.

  • bino

    Wow what a retard. Not really karma Lebron, Karma is that championship you are gunna let slip through your fingers again, and the “bad elbow” thats going to haunt you again