Jay is a whiny little girl. He took to Twitter to call out Nick Fairley of Auburn after he had (for the record) a clean sack during the BCS championship game. If I were Jay I would remove that tweet immediately, or at least before Nick is staring you down next year on Sunday’s.

Jay Feely

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  • claw

    That doesn’t say anything about the BCS game. He’s talking about the UGA game, and Feely is 100% correct, Fairley will pay out the nose if he does that in the NFL.

  • Don Shebib

    Jay Feely is dead on. And the nonsense that he is a “GIRLIE” is like DICK BUKTUS complaining 40 years ago about “quarterbacks should put on a dress!” This is from a middle linebacker who takes a ten yard run at a standing, unproteced target, engaged in delivering a skill action (throwing a pass) while this whimp gets a free shot, at a defenseless QB. How brave is that.????

    I played QB for 25 years , 18 of them in a blue collar rough and tough semi pro league in Toronto, in the Ontario Senior Football league, and I took plenty of shots, believe me. Well I got my revenge, because I was a 5’8′ 200 pounds stocky quaterback- good arm, but no speed like DOUG FLUTIE. When an End or LB was getting dirty with me, I stayed in on 3rd down kicks (Canada, remember) and I took a fifty yard run at the bastard. And if you want to get dirty, then the time to do it is on a punt, because everytone is watching the return guy. I’d get his number and do a vicious clip on him, right on his tail bone! That usually cured them, or put them into the dressing room. Deliberate attempt to injure. you bet, baby. Someone should lay Fairely out, clean or not, but he needs to be taught a lesson, and stop laying SLAM hits on defensless QB.’s!

  • Mark Cannon

    Ya spend Your time growing up being taught to rough up the offense and then catch hell when You do. You just wish You had A Nick Fairly on Your team You jealous Bastard! I say “kick all their asses, # 90”! If need be punch ’em in the face with Your Championship Ring!!!! War Eagle!