A friend of mine just sent me a picture of a New Year’s Resolution-themed bulletin board she’s putting up at her office.  In order to protect her anonymity, we’ll call her “Andrea”.

Apparently, the road here represents 2011 and the yield signs are various resolutions made by her co-workers.

Andrea sent  with a note that said, “I love what you guys are doing!  I check in on Cosby Sweaters every day!  I made a resolution to drive traffic to your site so I posted it on my bulletin board at work.  See the little icon on the yield sign?  That’s my resolution!”

Cosby Sweaters Invades the Office!

Many thanks, Andrea, for the office-wide shout out!  All of us here at CSHQ applaud your tireless efforts!

A side note from me: Andrea is awesome!  If you run into her on the street (despite the fact that you don’t know her real name, where she lives or what she looks like) tell her you’re a fan as well!  After all, game recognize game!