4:10 AM. Time to get shit started. Working off of three hours of sleep. That’s way more than I’m used to. Pick up the chicks in the Tahoe, none of ‘em got clothes. Too early for that. We build the rest of our entourage—Trick Pony Productions. Goodbye California, hello Nevada. Las Vegas, Nevada. Stop, rewind that. Hello Barstow. If you don’t know Barstow, you don’t know. Pitstop. Barstow is home of the best Del Taco. You can’t debate that…try me.  The dash reads 8:00 AM and 36 degrees below freezing. Freezing for me is 70 degrees. Refuel with oversized tostadas and enough beef to make you forget about Game and 50.

Fast forward to Henderson, Nevada. Fast forward past Henderson, Nevada. It’s 10:20 AM—time to scout the strip for talent. Just a few wandering slobs trying to figure out why their ATM cards won’t work and I contemplate why the Bellagio fountain isn’t on. I thought this was the city that doesn’t sleep. We have a house for the weekend. Pull into the driveway, owner is satan. We decide to find someplace else…over Mexican food and beers. We make a call. Now we’re on the top floor overlooking the strip. CES begins. Check the clip.