Team Russia

This isn’t going to help the “every Russian is a vodka drinker” stereotype.

According to an ESPN report; Russia’s gold-medal celebration got a bit out of hand, so much in fact that they were not allowed to board their flight following winning the world junior hockey championship.

About 30 members of the Russian team were asked to get off a Delta Air Lines flight from Buffalo to Atlanta after boarding for takeoff early Thursday morning, an airport spokesman said.

After players and managers spent the day at the Days Hotel across the street — where a front desk clerk said they were “sleeping it off” — a team spokesman said the group would fly out in two groups Friday.

Mikhail Zislis, the team’s media officer, seemed a little on edge after the incident. “I cannot sleep because everybody in Russia is calling me asking me what’s going on,” Zislis said inside the hotel lobby. Later, he refuted Delta’s claim the group was unruly and accused the crew of overreacting, even after being assured by coach Valeri Bragin that he’d keep his players under control.

“I don’t think it was fair,” Zislis said. “They didn’t want to listen to us.”

Cosby Sweaters highly doubts that, however we do respect the Russians a bit more now.

via ESPN