UPDATE; This is actually real and the mother found in the video below just gave her first US Interview which you can READ HERE.

We really aren’t sure what is going on here. However, we do know that this woman is insane, she will be getting a call from child protective services soon, and we are hoping that baby isn’t real. However as Maureen O’Connor pointed out; “The baby moves at the beginning (0:10) and end (5:10), and spends the middle portion swinging around like a discus.” Anyone have the scoop on if this is real or just what the hell is actually going on?  Follow us on FACEBOOK.


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  • Big Skeezy’s Lovely Red Headed Friend

    That can’t be real! That is awful!

  • Read the top comment on this vid. Humourous.

  • Sue

    I have never in all my years seen anything so awful. That poor child should be taken away to a normal place with a normal mother that won’t give it brain damage.

    • Linette Starr

      I agree!! That woman should be put in jail for child abuse,child endangerment and general stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jonboy

    how can child protective services do anything? this woman lives in russia.

  • Jen

    I am an American and it did come off as disturbing at first but in reality it certainly would strengthen the babies muscles and joints. He seems to enjoys his mother’s touch as well! Babies in America are treated like they’re made of glass nor do they move much, instead they roll around on the floor with a bunch of lead painted plastic toys made in China and feed off of toxic powdered food. Who the hell are any of you to say this kid should be taken from his mother!? YOU’RE THE SICK ONES! American children are over medicated, fat and suffer from chronic illnesses.

    This video shouldn’t be shunned. It looks pretty wild but lets face it they’re both having a great time.

    Get a life.

    • Charla


      Moving babies like this is dangerous; by now, this should be common knowledge. And, whether the baby appears to be ‘enjoying’ mother’s touch or not, the reality is that the child’s complacency is most likely due to brain damage already sustained from her abuse. Even abused children love their parents.

      So, instead of thinking of it as removing a child from her mother, lets call it removing a victim from a violent, psychotic criminal.


    • M

      Jen, are you serious? The comments you made are absolutely ridiculous. This has nothing to do with tradition or cultural differences, this is child abuse. You can clearly see the infant is NOT enjoying what the women is doing to him. The entire time he’s grimacing and crying towards the end. And as for strengthening the baby’s joints and muscles, you can see the joints practically popping out from his sockets.This baby is probably a month old or so, their bodies are simply not mature enough to be tossed around like a rag doll. NOR SHOULD THEY EVER BE. My child plays on the floor with safe toys, is breastfed, isn’t over weight or over medicated. And I think the only ones that suffers from chronic illnesses are you and that crazy women. You’re an idiot. Oh, yea and by the way, I’m an American too. 😉

  • Jacqueline

    Whoa! I couldn’t even watch the rest! That’s just insane. That made me sick. Any compassionate person would realize that that is just wrong on all levels. Sick and wrong.

  • jdbly

    Those moves would easily dislocate a real baby’s shoulders.

  • goodmom

    This may or may not be safe for the baby, but let’s point out a few things:

    1) there is NOTHING underneath them but the earth… no soft mat, nothing
    2) there is a garden of ROCKS right next to her… IF the baby slipped, I hate to think
    3) how about baby massage or baby yoga done on a BED or the GROUND?


  • doctor and father

    While I’m certainly not advocating this without a lot more investigation, this clearly merits a good close look at what’s really going on.

    From the update link at the top, it’s clear that this is real, that she does this a lot, that the babies seem to enjoy it, and that years later they are perfectly healthy (the woman’s teenage daughters both did the same thing). This is good solid evidence that it is plausible that this could be safe. Could! For those of you who are shocked and appalled, who can’t imagine that this baby wasn’t injured, you should at least be able to reevaluate your initial reaction, as understandable as it may be.

    So let’s talk about why this might (might!) be safe. The first thing I notice in the video is that all of the accelerations on the baby’s body are rather small, especially on the upper part of the body. These are not jerky motions, which would surely be dangerous. Since they are “graceful”, the force on any given part of the body is much smaller than it would seem. It is readily apparent that special attention is paid so that the head is under even smaller accelerations, as the neck is easily the most vulnerable part of the baby’s body. Another thing is that she starts off much slower at first, ensuring that the baby can relax and get used to the motion, as tensing of muscles would make injury more likely. I think it’s fair to say that what looks like violent motion is actually much less stressful than it appears. Shacking a baby doesn’t look nearly as dramatic, but is far far more dangerous because it involves fast accelerations that put a lot more force on the body.

    I think the most worrisome part of this is the baby’s shoulders. It is fairly easy to dislocate these with that sort of twisting motion. Two things make me think that this might be safe. First, a babies small size means that joints and ligaments are stronger relative to size than they are in adult bodies. Remember that babies bodies are more fully formed than they are in most other mammals. We spend a lot more time in the womb to allow for development of our huge brains; the body is ready to function well before a normal birth. The second is that young people in general are far more resilient than adults. Tissues recover and adapt far more quickly. Also remember that all exercise is somewhat destructive, and that gains come from the recovery. So the stress put on the body, so long as it’s not too dramatic, would help to strengthen and develop the baby’s body. Also important is that, while the baby is upsidedown, this does not last for very long. Being upsidedown is perfectly fine for anyone for brief periods, it’s the duration that can lead to the blood pooling and starving the brain.

    Remember that I’m not advocating this in any way, but also realize that it’s perfectly plausible (plausible!) that this is a relatively safe thing to do (especially compared to, say, driving with a baby in the car).

    Why might you do this?

    Well, the physical benefits are fairly obvious. While strength isn’t much of an issue, the flexibility and coordination that this might engender are incredibility valuable. I could easily envision a scenario where the chances of injury for this process are outweighed by the prevention on injuries in the future life of the child.

    What interests me most is the potential for neurological benefits. Studies from infants that have been deprived stimulation clearly show how detrimental this can be, and the reverse has also been shown to be true. Stimulation is good for the mind. A baby doing this is going to get all sorts of stimulation that it otherwise wouldn’t have. The woman’s claims that the babies she treats are highly successful early walkers, early readers, etc. are consistent with this.

    Overall, I think it’s important to realize that what seems shocking may be fine. We need evidence and careful consideration to decide, and not derision. This woman is almost certainly being cavalier in her efforts, but it would also be unwise to reject something outright that has clear potential to be beneficial. Being indignant doesn’t help us learn anything, and this is plausible enough to warrant some attention.