Police EntrapmentI’d like to introduce you to Trapster. Trapster is a social mobile application where its users submit the locations of speed traps, red light cameras, live police, checkpoints, and a whole lot more. Warning: Don’t use your phone while driving. As of writing Trapster has nearly 10 million users. These 10 million users are your eyes and ears to the streets of where you live. Are you unknowingly approaching an officer at the bottom of the hill with a radar detector pointed your way? Well don’t worry, that beeping sound is Trapster telling you to slow down because there’s someone ahead waiting to ruin your day. So how does it work?

First you need to download Trapster. It’s free and it runs cross-platform: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Palm, your dashboard GPS like Garmin or TomTom, and more. You create an account (it’s free cheapskates) and you’re off to do your civic duty of saving the masses from driving infractions. Trapster has a slew of cool features that I won’t get into, but one I really like is the “Confidence Level” display of the road you are on. Depending on the last time  and how recent a fellow Trapster user was traveling your same route, the road you’re traveling will change to various shades (darker signifying a higher “Confidence Level”) so you can feel “confident” that those red and blue lights won’t soon be blinding you in your rearview. As with any GPS-based application, Trapster will suck your battery life pretty quickly, so keep your phone plugged into your cigarette outlet. The makers of Trapster realized that battery drain is a downer so the application will automatically turn off the GPS feature if it doesn’t detect movement for a certain amount of time. Drive safe. Be aware of your surroundings. And God speed.

  • Carressa Mroz Smith

    My daughter is one of those inspired individuals who wants to join a circus. She is in training as an aerial silks artist and has gotten her foot in the door with a local circus troop. She attends a performance arts school when not dreaming of clowning. We are embracing her venture as a very realistic option which will allow her to perform on stage. A task which has, clearly, been a need for her since age 3. At 12, she has a magnetic personality and a beautiful face with an woman’s build. Though incredibly photogenic, she does not fit a Hollywood image (unless we go back to Marilyn Monroe) and usually does not fit the costumes for characters her age. This in addition to lacking the resources that could whisk our family off to New York or LA for auditions and private coaches, have left her devastated in past years. Now, she has found a home in the circus. We are so happy for her. That is not to say that supporting her comes easy. We are both counselors, which means the receipt of altruistic endorphins get equated into salary. The older we get, the more we worry about money and what we have taught our children. Thank God for that voice in both our heads that whispers, “if her soul is fed, she will never go hungry”. There is no telling where her future will take her. So far, she has been invited to Germany for 3 weeks next summer to perform with a German circus. Who knows what else will follow? We are a very intelligent family with a long line of entrepreneurs. God speed Marilyn Smith! The world is ready and waiting for you.