Not very classy of Hannah Storm and Adam Schefter, eh?

High Five

Video via Deadspin

  • mike stone

    How do I talk to my daughter’s about sex ? .the same way I talked to them about every other important subject . Without discomfort or embarrassment our judgement .
    We Seem to make the mistake with girls that once puberty hits out relationship changes and becomes sexual even though we don’t want it to be sexual . As if the choice is not ours so we withdraw from them physically . And we deny their sexuality . When we do that we tell them that they are not allowed to acknowledge their sexuality to us. And to talk about it would be even worse than death.
    As their parent it is our responsibility to grow up . We need to acknowledge and address their sexuality by first accepting that there is nothing sexual about our relationship with them . It was not sexual when she was. 10 and it is not sexual when she is 15 .
    My daughter know that sex is good and natural . They know that the right time for them was their decision . They know that I am not disappointed in their decision to have sex no matter who it is with how often they it what they do when they it . By knowing that I do veiw them having sex badly they do not view sex as shameful which in turn makes other people’s opinion off them not matter . I took the shame , discomfort , and embarrassment out of talking to my daughter’s about sex by realizing there is nothing shameful , uncomfortable , our embarrassing about sex .