OK, maybe three-quarters full based on what Pete had to say on Twitter after his Seahawks team became the first in NFL history to win a division with a losing record (7-9):

PeteCarrollTwitter_cosbysweatersI’m all for celebrating when you get a big win but acting like you won something when the other three teams didn’t even show up it a little much.  I’m sure the Giants and Bucs who are both staying home despite going 10-6 have a completely different take on how the Seahawks should be feeling.

At the end of the day the blame truly lies with the NFL for allowing a system with such an obvious loophole to continue to exist.  I’m not sure whether to hope the Hawks get a wild card win or get absolutely destroyed next week only because I’m not sure which is most likely to get the owners to make a change.

I’ve got good money that says no matter what happens next week Pete Carroll will be excited about it.