This just seemed very Christmas worthy…

  • What?

    • Sally

      If a kid is about to put his hand in an electrical socket why would you want to spank them. Why not just move them away from the socket, gently and kindly. I think that the trouble with the discipline approaches are that they will teach your children to be afraid of you. None of them are a good basis for a loving relationship

  • parentingthemovie

    I’ve re-tweeted (RT) you often, but this time I think you have missed the mark. Tips #’s 1, 2, & 5 are almost a parody of what NOT to do. As for tip #3, I RTed your post about that topic, however for a completely different reason. I see so much power over and fear-based parenting in these tips. It doesn’t seem to mesh with your usual posts. Am I missing something?

    • I had only recently found playgrounddad, and had been waiting for something that I agreed with or could connect with or learn from. I thought perhaps it was cultural issue (I’m Australian), but I already consume a lot of material from the US that I adore. This post being published finally convinced me that the site/community is not being run for the right reasons and I stopped following.

      I would love to hear in the future that I got it wrong. Look forward to someone forwarding some killer content into my stream in the future. Best of luck.

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