Cosby Sweaters is always intrigued by the economics of Christmas. This infographic by Digital Surgeons provides a great snap shot of the fiscal hysteria that ole St. Nick rings in….even during a recession.

(via Digital Surgeons)

  • Kerry

    Great post, Bill! I could not agree more. Also, we have found that hosting brunch with our friends who have kids is a great excuse for morning drinking (while socializing with our friends and letting the kiddos play). – Kerry, mom of 3 year old twin boys

  • Great post sir. I grew into the dad that I am today. Although I can say that part of me still has the urge to get out and live reckless for 1 weekend out of the year and being a single dad has its way of limiting that but when the time is right and when I have secured the lives of my children first, then comes play time for daddy. Til then it’s Mickey Mouse Club House and Dora the Explorer for me. I love being a dad!