Daft Punk - Tron Legacy

Looking for some good music to chill to? Then you need to check out the soundtrack for the movie Tron Legacy. Electronic music masterminds, Daft Punk, composed the score for the movie. The album doesn’t feel like your typical Daft Punk production but that is in no way a bad thing. Backed with an 85-piece orchestra and infused with electronic elements, this album is a must-have for yourself or gift for a friend. Go ahead and sample some of the tracks on iTunes. I think you’ll like it.


  • Oh this was so beautiful Pete and what a wonderful tribute to your dad. You are going to be an awesome dad, mark my words. I know this from all you have written here and other posts. Look forward to seeing you grow and learn with your son 🙂

  • Knowing both of you are well as I do, I have no doubt that you will fill your dad’s shoes with ease–the figurative ones, at any rate. Those size 13 DDD’s are another story. LOL

  • Emily (OhBoyMom)

    Oh I just loved this post…you will most certainly pass down the wonderful parenting that you received from your own dad. Your dad sounds awesome and you will be too!

  • That’s awesome Pete! You’ll be a GREAT dad I can tell. My husband was 37 when we had our first child together…we’d been together for 7 years before having said baby – I asked him just the other day to tell me the truth about when he was sure he wanted to be a father and he said not until he saw her for the first time. Honestly, he said he was very afraid secretly up to that point…so just sayin’…lol. I knew Dave would have stuck by me not matter what – I just wanted to know at what point he knew he really wanted to be stuck:) lol

  • Yea! I love Playground Dad. 🙂 This was a memorable post and you are so gonna be your child’s superhero!

  • Such a great thing that you have such strong memories of you father and childhood. For those that don’t have such warm memories but now find themselves getting ready to be Dad’s, your post is a reminder of how important it is for us to do the best we can with our kiddos, because our actions and the memories we help create have ripple effects that go well beyond ourselves.