This guy (the thief, not the philanthropic soldier pictured above) gets the Cosby Sweaters asshole of the year award:

Massachusetts state police said Sunday that amid one of the most financially trying Christmas seasons in recent memory, thieves broke into a locked storage container and stole an estimated $15,000 worth of toys destined for the Toys for Tots program.

And because of the timing of the theft, it will likely be impossible to replace many of the stolen toys by Christmas even if more donations come in.

Police said it appears the toys were stolen Saturday morning between 2:30 and 6, when thieves forced their way into a locked storage container in a well-lit lot outside a Burlington warehouse.


  • BS

    Sounds more like publicity stunt to get more donations. What are the “thieves” doing to do with 15k worth of stolen toys? Sell it on ebay?

    How he transport all those toys? In his car? Did he rent a truck?

    15,000 / 30 = at least 500 boxes of toys. Kinda hard to stuff that all in your truck in a few hours.

    And he sorted the toys to see which ones were more expensive. Must have taken several hours.