At the Nike media summit in Dallas, the company unveiled the new college unis for Oregon, TCU, Florida and Boise State.   Cosby Sweaters was there first hand to get the sneak peek.  What do you think?

Florida New Uni

Oregon and Florida New Unis

TCU New Unis

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  • You were here/there too? Shame we did not meet up! I’m in the process of uploading my video and photos and recaps as well.

  • donato318

    And you wonder why you clowns are never taken seriously. Goofy unis, blue turf for God’s sake, zero tradition, etc. Give me the Big Ten and SEC unis anytime. Favorites are Penn State and Alabama. Tune in the TV and you know who the hell they are.

  • Rico Ross

    …Alabama has pro-combat uni’s as does LSU, Florida, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech.

    Those schools are taken seriously right?

    Or are you saying taken seriously like Akron who doesnt.

  • Titan3636

    All the pro combat unis have already been worn. Most for rivalry games this year. They aren’t “bowl unis” UF wore theirs vs UGA this year. shows all the teams that were selected. This info is almost a year old