Today’s gift is a can’t miss for anyone who gets a sore back or just wants to be a little looser in the back half.  Why waste time with words when you can see just how beneficial the Back 2 Life can be (skip to 1:30 to get the picture):

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  • It doesn’t change with a 2nd or 3rd child either. I thought with our 2nd one, oh, this will be easier a 2nd time around. NOPE. You nailed it on the head with the delivery. You are lost. Just do what you are told and deal with it.

    • So true man! I didn’t appreciate how different daily management of tasks and oversight would be going from one to two. Wow… Grant it we were much better with the basic since we had experience (diapers, sleeping, baths, colds, etc…) but just the level of involvement and damage control with 2 is completely and totally different than 1.

  • The majority of advice I received (and it came in volumes from family, friends, and of course the internet) turned out to be completely ridiculous. I’m still shaking my head at how we stayed up all night with our first in the hospital because she was crying like crazy. We had read somewhere on some discussion area that giving her a paci that early meant she would have problem latching on for breast feeding. WRONG! Second night she got a paci, and took to the breast like a pro. Same for her little sister. The reason I share that is because the tactics advice (breast feeding, sleeping patterns, potty training) is just so darn dependent on each individual child.

    The universal advice that worked so well for us and turned out to be absolutely true.

    1) They grow up crazy fast. Take lots of pictures and videos because you’re going to turn around and wonder where the time went. 100% true!

    2) You will screw up. Relax. As long as they are safe, fed, and have what they need, be forgiving with yourself because no book, article, or opinion is THE users manual.

  • zaida

    I really like the article but not the picture. There is a lot of EMF and wifi in the ipad/tablet that is too close to the baby’s skull which is thinner in the first year of life.